Thursday, February 25, 2010

February Favorites

Simply Susan suggested making a post with February Favorites. My favorites are all the reds in my garden which showed up in time for Valentine's Day. I like the idea of having a photo collage each month with what was doing well in my garden. It's a fun way to keep records.

As a new blogger, I have been learning about new tools and interesting things to do for my blog. Sometimes I am not so happy wih the results and other times I'm very happy. I've been making changes to the background, template, font colors, etc. This post allowed me to learn about Picasa and collage making. Learning new blogging techniques helps to take my mind off the fact that we will be having close to freezing temps tonight. YIKES!


  1. Lovely collage, NanaK. I love reds in the garden and how fitting for February! I especially like your bromeliad collection! We have a freeze warning in my neck of the woods, though the forecast is 36. It is unbelievable how long this can go on!

    Your blog looks good. I constantly have technical difficulties with blogger! So frustrating! For some reason, I can no longer center photos!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. The more Florida bloggers the better.I will add your blog to my reading list so I can keep up with your progress.

  3. NanaK: I see you already got Picasa collage working! I have not got time to play with it yet. Just came from my 2nd grade son's school show. Love the red in your garden!

  4. I think we can officially call you a Geek, NanaK! Your photos are beautiful, and I'm envious. The only red I have is the lady's slipper salvia cutting I got at the January seed swap (still in its little pot and thriving! All my other cuttings are screaming to go into the ground)

  5. Floridagirl - My broms are one of the plants that made it through all this cold weather without a hitch. Only one clump of Achmea Fasciata was affected and it does have babies that look good. It was 34 degrees here at 6:30 AM according to my outside thermometer! Ridiculous.

    sanddune - Thanks for stopping by. I look forward to keeping up with your blog as well.

    Ami - You are a busy lady. You are growing flowers AND family. BTW - I checked out Costco roses and here they only had two boxes left and they were damaged. I actually had to fight with myself to leave them there, but leave them I did. Can't wait to see yours in bloom.

    Penlyn - I don't know about the Geek thing, but I'm having fun learning new stuff. Maybe I can stave off the dementia a few extra years :) Did you notice my lady slipper salvia cutting in the collage? I just put it outside in my sunny butterfly area. I hope it made it through this last cold spell.

  6. NanaK,
    You have officially been bitten with the blogging bug me thinks. :-) It is fun to learn all the new tools and get things just like you like them ... it expresses your own individuality. (btw re: your previous comment~~There's nothing new under the sun so truth be told everything's a copy cat really.) lol

    I LOVE red in the garden and you have some pretty reds blooming and growing. We didn't quite get to freezing last night either ... thank goodness. I only covered one bed of tomatoes just in case... the rest was left on its own ... taking my chances.

    I DO LOVE this colder weather during the day but I'm always crossing my fingers with the dips at night.

    Now I need to stop snuggling under this blanket and get out to do some digging.

  7. Yup, I definitely don't like those freezing temps. I left many of my plants on the balcony including my ti's tillandsias and ficus. Balconies seem to be ideal microclimates since the cold air can drain out and the house keeps it warmer.
    I might try picasa, but I dunno. Maybe not for me.

  8. Meems - I read a weather report that indicates some rain but warmer temps coming this next week. I sure hope it's accurate. I enjoyed the cooler weather cleaning and pruning today too. Can't wait to see what you're digging!

    Rainforest - My porch is my microclimate for the winter. So happy to have it.

  9. NanaK, Your blog looks great, I can tell I am going to be a slow study when it comes to blogging. Can you email me at I want to invite you to something at Hillsborough high school. Janis

  10. Kay...Your collage looks are a quick study. It's a lot of fun isn't it? Your red flowers are lovely and very appropriate for February. So glad you joined me...let's do it again next month on the 25th.

  11. Janis - Your garden makes your blog. I'm hoping to catch up on the gardening end of things. E-mail is on it's way to you!

    Susan - The 25th for favorites it is. It will be nice to see what does well for everyone and at what time of year. Then, I can just make a list and go shopping! (Really, I need to do more gardening and less plant buying I think.)

  12. I DO see the red lady's slipper, now you mention it. That is one tough flower. I'm sure it will tough out whatever nature plans for us in the coming weeks.

  13. Enjoyed your red bloomed flowers, I often admire bromeliads - something which I'm not braved myself from trying.
    (They are expensive and difficult to take care)

    Nice collage.

  14. Penlyn - So far, so good with this salvia and a few others I have. The others were brown after the 2-week freeze but they have put out lots of new growth and seem to be doing fine with these "minor" cold spells.

    James - Here, bromeliads are for the most part pass-along plants. Only the really rare hybrids are expensive. They multiply like crazy under our normally hot and humid conditions. Now that I have seen the thicker leaved ones make it through our crazy cold winter, I'm a devotee!

  15. Nice collage, I like the idea of having a visual record of whats doing well each month of the year.


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