Friday, March 5, 2010

Are You Kidding Me?

My morning greeting was not what I had hoped.  The temperature reached freezing at My Garden Path.
What is a gardener learning to embrace what God gives her to do? 
Get her camera and go looking for signs of promise.

The promise of  buds full of new life for the garden are there. 
I just needed to see them.
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  1. I like your buds of promise, but I have to agree...32 degrees in March is completely ludicrous!!! I wonder if it reached that in my garden. That number no longer scares me, though, as this garden has dipped into the 20's so many times this year. Amazing how one's perspective can change!

  2. As far as I'm concerned, it can get anywhere above 30 and I'm okay. Its not like too many things are really coming back yet anyway! I'm kind of grateful that it was cold for so long since a cold snap like this would be devastating if everything started thinking it was spring. Lucky for me the plants are already devastated!
    I like your little floridata widgets you have on the side by the way... Maybe i should try that.

  3. The weather is getting a bit ridiculous now. I like your collage...isn't it fun...of springtime buds. Your peace lily is way ahead of mine. Tell me about Belinda's Dream. I just purchased one but haven't put it in the ground yet. Does it grow leggy or stay more shrub like? How about blackspot? Thanks.

  4. I'm thinking it's about time we explain to Mother Nature that it is now March and this ridiculous behavior must stop!I don't know how cold it here last nite,but everything looks ok.

  5. It really is hard to believe, NanaK, we are still watching temperatures in March. I'm pretty sure we didn't get that low a few miles north of you.

    I was thinking the same thing this morning when I took a look around. All those buds remind us that our faithful plants know how to manage even in this kind of winter. Who knows? They might like these sunny cold days as much as I do! :-)
    It looks like soon you will be bursting with azaleas. Mine are blooming later than last year also.

  6. Floridagirl - I don't think 32 degrees scares the plants as much now as it did the first time around in January. At least, some of the ones showing new growth seem to be doing OK. I'm glad your perspective on winter is changing, I'm still working on that!

    RFG - Truly this winter is one for the record books. I started this blog this January as a record book for my garden. Didn't know it would be an unusual start to the gardening year.

    Floridata is such a great resource I love to let others know about it and it is a nice way to have plant info at my mousetips.

    Susan - I don't know anything first hand about BD. I just purchased her at the end of January. The nurserywoman told me that this rose could be trimmed up to keep its shape with no special pruning techniques. It's considered a good beginner rose, which is what I wanted. She showed me a picture of her pooldeck surrounded by rather large BD bushes full of blooms that served as a visual barrier on the outside of her screened area. As for blackspot, she told me that she, personally, sprays all her roses. She recommended some mix together spray but I haven't bought it yet, as she said she had just sprayed all the roses and I wouldn't need to for 6 weeks. This bush wasn't even blooming when I bought it. It has 3 buds on it now and I can't wait to see them open!

    ChrisC - I've been telling Mother Nature and everyone else within earshot that this cold weather needs to stop. Oh well. I guess I'm learning to go with the flow whether I want to or not.

    Meems - I'm seeing that the plants are able to flex with the weather better than I. I don't think I actually lost anything. Most is coming back from the roots which makes the yard look bare, but they didn't out and out die. My azaleas are definitely later than usual but they look full of buds so next week should start the show.

  7. It does seem like, having seen the worst of the worst in January, our plants (what's left of them) have manned up and can take some colder temps and even frost -- which I had Saturday and Sunday morning!


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