Thursday, March 25, 2010

March Favorites

Simply Susan  suggested posting our favorites from our gardens on the 25th of every month.  This is a great exercise which helps me to appreciate what is right with my garden. 

Pretty Pinks

Beautiful Blues

Amazing Azaleas
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  1. What beauties you have!

    What are the blue flowers in bottom left corner of your blue mosaic?

    Love your azaleas. I have George Tabor, that's it. Love your pink one.


  2. I love the way you grouped your favorites! So pretty! Love that rose the best! I also have the same question as the flowerlady. What is that left bottom corner blue flower?

    Oh, seeing all of you showing off your beautiful azaleas, I must say this will be a must for next year. First, I need to open a shady garden flower bed... Lots of things to do...

  3. Flower Lady and Ami -

    I'm glad you both enjoyed these blooms.

    Isn't that blue flower the greatest blue color? That is a new plant in my garden I received as a cutting from Simply Susan! It is called blue sage (eranthemum pulchellum). Mine is still tiny but I think it grows into a bush. I love the color, one of the true blues in the garden.

  4. Hi Kay...I'm glad to see your sage is doing well. It really is a pretty blue. You've got sooooo many pretty posies in your garden right now. Is that chance...Belinda's Dream? I just purchased one and it has 2 HUGE buds on it that are slowly opening. I can hardly wait to see the flower. Thanks for joining me by posting your favorites.

  5. Susan - Yes, that's Belinda's Dream. It is my first rose and I am hooked.

  6. Oh, I really love them all!! I'm not sure I could pick among these. The blues are amazing, though, I have to admit!

  7. Those are really some spectacular Azalea blooms you have there. They put on quite a show.

  8. Beautiful March blooms, NanaK! I love your collection of azaleas and roses! I'll have to be on a lookout for your sage. I grew sages in Atlanta, but I've not had success with the ones I've tried here.

  9. Kimberly - Thanks. I did throw in a couple of purples in that blue college....poetic license and all. But they just make the blue sage and blue-eyed grass look bluer don't they?

    sanddune - Yes, the azaleas were spectacular this year and much appreciated as well.

    Floridagirl - Thanks. As of now, one Belinda's Dream and one Knockout isn't much of a collection of roses, but I do have plans for more. This blue sage isn't one of the salvias so maybe you would have better luck with it. I'm told it came through the cold very well. I had it during the last few cold spells we had in February and March and it just kept blooming.

  10. Thanks for pointing that out, NanaK. My eyes skimmed right over the botanical name and it was forgotten. I'll have to look for it in the nurseries.

  11. Really pretty, NanaK. You have so many colorful bloomers this month. I almost bought my first knock-out rose yesterday but resisted with all my power. There are just so many other things I want I must prioritize. Your Belinda's Dream always gets me thinking again though. You are going to get so much enjoyment from those stunning blooms.

    Curious about where you sited your blue sage. Mine is still being nurtured in a pot trying to decide where it would best be located. Any ideas?

  12. Meems - What I remember Susan saying was dappled shade. What I've read says the same and suggests back of the border as it becomes a bush. Mine is in dappled shade next to my screen porch so I can see the flowers. It's so little right now I couldn't see putting it too far away.


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