Thursday, April 15, 2010

Bowing Before the Beauty of Belinda's Dream

I have never grown such a beautiful flower before.  This rose is so full of petals and just keeps opening up more and more every day. 

I love everything about Belinda's Dream from her first opening bud to the full flower.

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This small bush is loaded with new buds in addition to these open flowers.  The scent is subtle but very distinctly a rose scent.  I love passing by and even enjoy weeding near this beautiful flowering shrub. 
Growing roses is something new to me but I am finding it to be very rewarding. 


  1. I love your Belinda's dream rose! The cream pink is one of my favorites! Isn't it amazing to see how that small bud could unfurl to such large magnificent flower? Enjoy your beatiful rose!

  2. I'm really in awe of your lovely Belinda's rose. I've not had success with roses in Florida, let alone such a prize! Exceptionally nice!!!!

  3. Oh my, you have made me want this rose very badly! I think it will come home with me if I ever see one. A beauty indeed!

  4. I wish I could grow roses.I just don't have the talent.I leave that to YardBoy.Your's are stunning.

  5. I have a new rose fetish myself, Kay. I'm nowhere near attempting the hybrid teas, but my Knockouts are knocking me out, so I got an antique called Parade at GreenFest. (Mine are called Double Pink -- bubble gum colored)
    Florida gardeners who think roses are beyond you should try the Knockouts (like Belinda's Dream) and the antiques. They are so much easier to grow and just as beautiful. They need lots of water to get them established, but isn't that true of most perennials?
    Yours are absolutely gorgeous, Kay. Especially for being fairly recently planted. Congrats

  6. Ami - I appreciate that you understand how much I enjoy the process of the bloom as well as the full bloom itself. It's just so fun to check on the progress each day.

    Kimberly - I'm hoping for success with roses. Since it's all a new thing for me we'll see how it goes in the heat of summer.

    Floridagirl - Thank you for your compliments to my rose. I feel like a proud Mom.

    ChrisC - At least with YardBoy to grow the roses you can enjoy them. I'll have to ask for advice as I go along with this new rose passion.

    Penny - Oooo, I want to see pictures! I am finding that water is essential with this rose.

  7. Kay...I'm so glad to see your Belinda's is beautiful! Mine is not blooming yet and I'm becoming impatient. Now that I've seen yours I'm even more impatient. Your bush looks very happy :-)

  8. That Belinda's Dream is beautiful. I'm going to look for it.

  9. Susan - I can tell you when your BD does bloom it will be worth the wait. I'm so happy with this one. I don't have but a small area that is good for rose growing so it's nice to have picked a good bloomer.

    ldybug - All I've heard about BD is good, easy care and prolific bloomer. So far, that's been true for me. But, we haven't hit the hot and humid summer weather yet.

  10. So nice for you, Kay, that you found a rose with so much reward.

    I am SO tempted by this post and the beauties at the garden center. I had a don juan climbing rose on my cart last week and put it back. Just so leary of getting started with roses after my first failures years ago. The knockouts are my biggest temptation ~ I know they do well here but my sun locations are taken up by wildflowers and butterfly gardens... anyway, I'll get it figured out and most likely add some before spring is over.

    Your Belinda is an antique? I think I saw it recently on a website when looking for more Louis Phillipe (I have one).

    I love the layers of petals and the pale pink hue on your Belinda. You have done a wonderful job cultivating your newly planted rose. I'm sure it is one of those plants you just love to see when working in your garden.

  11. NanaK, Your Belinda Dream looks great. I could plant a yard of just that rose and be happy. Janis

  12. Meems - I know what you mean about limited sunny areas. I plan to get a Louis Philippe soon and then that's going to have to be it because of lack of room. But, I have to say the advice I got to go to Hardin's nursery in South Tampa was just right for me. They helped me w/ lots of info and directed me to this particular rose as being "easy care". Well, the summer will tell but having those spectacular blooms has hooked me. Actually, BD is not an antique. It is a tradmarked "Earthkind" rose developed in 1988. I've heard only good things about her easy care. A little blackspot but not bad in no-spray gardens and a prolific bloomer. Oh, go ahead - buy one!

    Janis - Thanks for complimenting Belinda's Dream. She did it all on her own. Which is great for me! I am so happy that with my limited space for roses my first "real" rose is so pretty. Not to knock the Knockout, but really, it can't compare.

  13. Hi Kay -- how did Belinda's Dream fare through the summer? I'm working on a story about "easy" roses and this one is soooo popular (I've got to get one!) I'm curious about your experience after a year with her! (If you actually see this and comment, can you shoot me an email. I don't get automatically notified)


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