Friday, July 30, 2010

Summertime in the Garden

These boys love to dig.  If not directed to a designated digging spot there is no telling what might be dug up from the garden.  Sand and shovels can keep them occupied for quite some time. 

With the boys busy in the sandbox, my granddaughter and I decide to take a little walk around the garden to see how things are growing.

The cool pinks, purples and whites that flourish in this bed bordering the backporch help keep us cool on our way around the house.  The rainbarrel in the background has been a great help in keeping this area well watered.

The Lotus Begonia in the planter is one of my favorites.  It was purchased last fall and carefully tended on the backporch through the winter.  I'm happy to see that it has multiplied and I will be able to spread it to another area.  I may even get bold enough to plant some in-ground. 

Moving around to the front garden, we notice the Mona Lavender blooming profusely.  Four of these were placed in this area and they are growing quite large.  This is a plant which I had always grown in pots, never in-ground.  It seems very happy to be liberated and able to spread out.  Pink, purple and white seems to be a trend in these shady areas. 

This ends our little jaunt around the house checking out how the garden grows.  Once the boys are cleaned up and settled down for a nap, we girls get out the paint and begin working on some garden art.

With the intense heat we've been experiencing, we have been staying in the shade and planning projects for the cooler months.   I love spending time with my grandkids anytime and any place, but spending time with them in the garden is the best.


  1. You are giving your grandkids wonderful memories of time spent with you in the gardens. I love your granddaughter's look as she is painting. What a sweet thing for the two of you to do together in the shade.

    Your gardens look lovely and everything looks like it's all thriving.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  2. Nice garden stroll, thanks. Adorable grandkids!

  3. Your grandchildren are beautiful! They look like they're having so much fun! I am so looking forward to that stage of life! Anyway, your garden looks awesome too. Very full and lush. It is so very hot, but it's just too hard to stay out of the garden, isn't it? Love your caladiums and coonties, and the ti plant and elephant ears.

  4. Hi Kay...Creating wonderful memories with your grandchildren is wonderful. It looks like they're definitely enjoying your garden which by the way is looking lovely. Your lotus begonia is growing to a nice size. I have several planted in the ground and they survived this past winter's weather. Some of the top leaves drooped but I cut those off and the lower leaves and new baby plants were a-okay. I just planted the Mona lavender this past spring and it's doing great thru the hottest part of summer.

    Your garden colors create a cooling effect. Have a great weekend!

  5. Hello Kay,
    Funny how we both posted the same subject today. GMTA! Your grands are adorable and I know they are having great times at Nana's. The garden is looking really pretty with those combinations of colors in the shade. The lotus begonia definitely adds to the tropical feel of the garden. Mine is in containers and the ground. Both came back from the cold ~~ protected by shade.

    Wonderful memories you are making in the garden with your little ones. My 'three' just left about an hour ago. We had a blast today swimming and doing art projects. Life is good.

  6. NanaK: Both you and Meems are posting at the same time about the wonderful time that you are having with your grandchildren. I am sure those will be very precious memory that lasts lifetime.

    Your garden looks very beautiful. I love that lotus begonia, which I have been looking for. Lucky you for that finding! I also always plant the mona lavender in the container, which is getting very big recently. I may try to put them in the ground as well. I am also planning some projects in my head, maybe start working on that during the evening time.

    Have a good weekend!

  7. FlowerLady - Giving my grandchildren good memories is my goal. When I see them growing so fast it helps me to remember to enjoy each moment.

    Darla - Glad you came by to stroll with us!

    Floridagirl - Thanks! We aim for fun even when it's HOT.

    Susan - Thanks for the info on the Lotus Begonia. I will definitely plant some in-ground. I really need to divide it as it is getting very crowded in that pot. Maybe I should wait until a little cooler weather though.

    Meems - I loved reading about your grandkids as well. What can gardening grandmothers do but blog about plants and babies? Thanks for sharing your experience with the Lotus Begonia. Since you and Susan both have had similar results, I'm going to be planting some of that one in the ground. I was hoping I could.

    Ami - I can't wait to see your projects as they move from your head to your garden. Planning is half the fun isn't it? Of course, most of my plans change even while I'm planting.

  8. These gardens looks, great here a little part of mine :)

    Regards for the beaty site :)

  9. Angel Gruev - Thanks for stopping by My Garden Path. Your photographs are awesome.


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