Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My Garden Labor

Labor Day at My Garden Path was celebrated by laboring in the garden.  Labor equals fun when in the garden.  The "vegetable bed" was installed with high hopes of a great fall harvest.

There are not many sunny spots suited for growing vegetables in this garden.  It was decided to use this side yard area for the 8 hours of sunshine it receives.  Container gardening was chosen because this area is directly over the septic drain field.  Obviously, an in-ground garden is out of the question. 

Wooden pallets keep everything above the ground and kitty litter pails provide a cheap and easily renewable resource for the containers.  Blue Lake bush beans were planted in the Earth Box and five different varieties of tomatoes were planted into the containers. 

Lettuce is a completely new experience for this gardener.  A lot of thinning will be needed here.  The container used for the lettuce is the bottom half of an old turtle-shaped sandbox.  Very eclectic garden isn't it?

"Fat and Sassy" bell peppers have been producing all summer long and continue to bloom and set fruit.  Three of these plants are also part of the "veggie bed."

Next month carrots will go in and in November sugar snap peas will be planted.  The lettuce will be sown every 3 weeks or so depending on how the initial harvest produces. 

The vegetable area is tucked away around the side of the house not in obvious view.  All those kitty litter pails and wooden pallets were kept neat but they weren't "pretty."  This project was undertaken to help change the look of the area and pretty it up a bit.  Now, when the tomatoes get growing and producing THAT will be pretty. 


  1. Well, I'd say you had a very productive day. I like your vegetable 'bed'. It looks like you are going to have yummy things to eat.

    I also labored outside yesterday and it felt good getting done what I did.

    Rain last evening and some again today. Hurray.

    Enjoy the rest of your week ~ FlowerLady

  2. Dear Kay,
    I gardened as well... nice to have a full morning to get out and plant.

    Have you shown us that "pretty" wrought iron bed before? Maybe I missed it. My sister has one in her garden, too. She grows beans up the poles.

    Those peppers look great. Mine have gotten much smaller than when they first started producing but big enough for the two of us still. I haven't even put my lettuce in the ground yet. Was thinking it was still too hot. Hmmmm.... maybe I am behind.


  3. Kay, fantastic veggie "bed"! Love your sense of style! I also like your recycling usage of the kitty litter containers. Very clever! I haven't planted my veggies yet, but have to get to it.

  4. Your new vegetable garden using the reclaimed kitty litter pails is very innovating. As far as pretty in the eyes of someone who believes in making the most of your resources your container garden with recycled reused containers is very esoteric. I like it.

  5. Hi Kay...I love the kitty litter containers. What a GREAT idea! And, is that an iron bed I see? Another clever idea! You have a most unique veggie garden. So many great ideas...especially for those with little ground space. Keep us posted on your results.

  6. Wow, I love that iron bed! Beautiful and yet functional. All these prepare for fall veggie garden talks made me thinking I am behind the schedule AGAIN! Well, I have never officially started a veggie garden, but I do want to try! Your container idea is great! I am sure you will get some good result out of this veggie area.

  7. FlowerLady - We've had some nice rains here too. It was good for all the new seedlings to have a God-given drink.

    Meems- The bed is a new addition just for the veggie garden. I picked it up at a garage sale thinking I would give it a try. I like the idea of using the posts as a trellis. I have been using the UF planting guide for when to plant what. I only branched out from tomatoes last fall so certainly have a lot of learning ahead of me.

    Kimberly - I've been thinking of ways to make the container garden more unified and presentable and the bed just seemed to fit. Now, let's hope I get a good harvest:)

    Sanddune - I'm glad you like my container veggie garden. I'm looking into making my kitty litter pails self-watering. Maybe for next growing season.

    Susan - I thought the bed would add some beauty to an otherwise not so pretty container garden. I am hoping for good results. I've grown tomatoes this way for a few seasons now and they do well. I'm adding a few new veggies each season.

    Ami - Really one or two grape tomato plants will provide enough for salads every night. You can grow them in pretty containers anywhere you get sun, and then you'll be hooked.

  8. I love the bed idea. That's very creative. And I agree, using the posts as trellises will be neat. I'm behind, I'm not planting for another week, but I think it'll be ok. I've been in some cooler states since Friday (VA and WV) and I keep thinking it's fall already. I'll be happy to return to heat and humidity.

  9. I like that eclectic style! And you have a LITERAL bed in your garden! Very fun!

  10. Brandy - I'm sure waiting a week or so will be fine for planting veggies. There are some things the UF site says need to wait until October. What will you be planting? I can't believe you desire heat and humidity:)

    Floridagirl - Thanks for appreciating the humor in the "bed." I'm hoping to have fun growing in it and harvesting from it.


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