Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Many plants bring back memories of people I've loved.  My mother has been gone from this earth for eight years but everytime the Bilbergia pyramidalis bloom I think of her.

She would have loved this variegated form which has been introduced to My Garden Path just this year.  Two specimens were planted just after the freezes had passed and now there are four beginning to bloom.

There are several groupings of the solid green variety, which came from my mother's garden, surrounding oak trees in my front yard .  The original bromeliads brought from her home to mine have multiplied and bloomed many times over.

These bloomed in July while I was away from my garden and I missed the show.  I'm so glad they are blooming again in mid-September.  They are a common sight in my area surrounding ancient oak trees. 

These easily propagated bromeliads make great pass-along plants.  I've given many away to gardening friends.  Earlier this year some of these were passed along to my daughter's garden.  From my mother to me to my daughter, three generations within my family have grown and enjoyed these plants all from a single ancestor.  And so, the memories continue.


  1. This bromeliad really got my attention since I have seem in several blogs now. They really put a spetacular show once they all bloom together. Yours are so beautiful, especially connect to your dear mother. The variegated one is stunning, I would love it even for its foliage alone. Hmmm, I need to find one to start with...

  2. What a beautiful sentiment to have blooms that remind you of your dear mother. And how wonderful that you now have a third generation to keep the memories going. Billbergia pyramidalis is a wonderful brom, and I really love that variegated form.

  3. Passalong plants...especially from a family member...are treasures to me, too. I've got many varieties of plants from my mother and aunt's garden...even some from my aunt in Germany. That variegated variety of bromeliad is especially nice. I just got one of these too in the past year and look forward to it spreading throughout the garden. It looks pretty year round.

  4. Being able to associate a plant in your garden with someone special to you are the best. Much "more better "than ordinary.

  5. Gardens should contain memories too.I love that you have passed the broms on to your daughter.
    Mine only bloom once a year.What am I doing wrong?

  6. Kay,
    To me, a plant that lives on even beyond our loved ones is one of THE BEST things about gardening. Your broms are beautiful and your daughter carrying on the gift is a treasure.

    I have several plants from my dad (and my grandmother~ his mom) and they are the most special spots in my garden. I think of the loved ones every time I see the plants.

    Beautiful post.

  7. Ami - wish you were closer I would gladly share:)

    Floridagirl - I really like the variegated one and was happy to discover it at a local garden club plant sale. I bought two of them just for the foliage. This is the first time they have bloomed.

    Susan - I love receiving plants from friends and family and passing them along to others. Having living reminders of special people is a wonderful part of the garden.

    sanddune - It is even "more better" indeed.

    ChrisC - I don't think you can do anything wrong with these plants. Some years mine don't bloom when others in the neighborhood are blooming. I think the age of the pups has a lot to do with it. My new variegated ones didn't bloom in July, only now.

    Meems - I was feeling quite sentimental upon seeing these blooms and I do love being reminded of special folks while in the garden. I don't know, I'm just a little sappy sometimes:)

  8. Your bromeliads are spectacular. I must get more of them growing. My neighbors up the street have them living in trees, and so far, I've been unsuccessful with that, but I think these are another great plant that provides a colorful show with very little care.

  9. Hi, Kay! Your broms are really lovely, and even sweeter since they remind you of your mother. Passalongs are a wonderful way to share with the ones we love. Your brom blooms are really outstanding. I like how they are climbing the tree!

  10. My garden is quickly becoming more pass-along than anything else and you're right, Kay, those pass-alongs add so much to the enjoyment. In fact, every time I look at my little curry leaf tree, I think of you! He's in my front yard and still small, but thriving. I can't wait till he's big enough to eat!


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