Friday, November 5, 2010


We've been busy 'roun these parts rustlin' up critters before breakfast.  That's BEfore breakfast not FOR breakfast.   A quick google of "armadillo" will bring up recipes though, so somebody is eatin' 'em. 

After reading that armadillos always have 4 identical babies and noticing that the yard still had freshly dug cone-shaped holes every morning, the trap was re-set another night. 

Opossums have 50 teeth with which to smile.  He is smiling don't you think?  There are plenty of recipes for these critters too.  No thank you.  None of these nasty varmints were harmed during the round-up.  All were humanely released in some woods several miles away.  

The cone-shaped holes are still appearing every morning so there's more trappin' to be done 'roun here.  Hopefully, the armadillo (s) will cooperate by stumbling into the trap and all other nocturnal wanderers will stay out of the trap.  Really, what will we do with a .... skunk? 


  1. If you look in some old recipe books you will find a lot of recipes for these critters here. I am with you, NO THANKS! They do know how to tear up a yard don't they? Thanks for the ID on the Baccharis halimifolia--Groundsel Tree...I linked to you today. Have a Blessed Weekend.

  2. My mom and her family have dined on possum way back in the day. Possums and raccoons are an annoyance here, as they come up from the woods every night to look for birdseed I may have forgotten to bring in, or fruit I've put in the compost, or bananas I buried around a brom. Ugh. You are certainly welcome to come armadillo-trappin' down my way, if you like. I've got four enormous holes right now, two under the house foundation. Ugh.

  3. Hi Kay,
    You know my stories. We've trapped 18 of these critters in the last 8 months and there are more out there wreaking havoc in the garden. GRRRR! Good for you helping us rid the county of these pests! (No opossums in our trap but a couple of raccoons.)

  4. Darla - Thanks for the link. I've seen those trees blooming around here in profusion lately.

    Floridagirl - Those burrow holes are huge aren't they? We have a couple here that don't look used anymore...hope, hope.

    Meems - 18! Yikes!

  5. The armadillos have been awful this year!Some of the holes in the back yard are deep!We know they're coming from the woods around the house,so we really are never going to be able to stop them.Grrrr......


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