Thursday, December 9, 2010


While the garden is between frosty weather episodes these flowers have brought their joy.

Lovely lavender only grows well here during the cold season. 

Once the humidity of a Florida summer cranks up it wilts and withers,but now, it is spiking up beautifully.

A reliable bloomer most of the year, African iris is sending up shoots of new buds. 

Sweet Alyssum and Belinda's Dream mingle their perfume adding a sweet scent to the morning walk-about.

With a scent that is a little less sweet and a little more peppery, the White Out rose is doing her best to provide wintery white blooms.

Smelling like almond cookies baking in the oven, the sweet almond bush is loving the cold. 

(While tender potted plants and seedlings have been brought into the protection of the porch and a few in-ground tropicals have been covered with old quilts, the above flowers have been on their own.  Other plants left unprotected have already turned brown and begun their winter hibernation.  It's nice to have a few things doing well in the winter garden.)


  1. Hi Kay...It's nice to have some plants that can take the cold, and you have a nice selection of bloomers. I'll be your lavender smells heavenly. I do love the sweet almond bush, but wasn't sure how cold tolerant it is. Do you know how low it can go?

  2. I've never planted lavender in the garden, but I would love to. When did you plant yours? I must remember to plant some next year. I would love to be able to harvest some fresh from my garden!

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. :)


  3. That lavender looks nice, and I can imagine the smell. Too bad it doesn't like our hot humid weather.

  4. For some reason I have never had good luck with lavender.Lucky you!
    So far my alyssum seems to have come thru the cold quite well.I really want a Sweet Almond Bush.

  5. How neat that you are able to grow lavender. You've got some lovely blooms happening in your winter garden.


  6. Yes, it is nice to have a few things that shine in winter. I was always told we couldn't grow lavender here because of the acidic soil, but seeing your pics makes me want to try! Just beautiful! I have watched your Belinda's Dream for months now, and it is still looking so good. Will be picking that one up if I ever run across it. Sweet Almond looks very interesting.

  7. Susan - I don't know about the sweet almond. I've seen them big as trees so they must not get knocked to the ground. My little spindly specimen is seeing its first winter. A future report will be made.

    Mary - Thanks for stopping by. I think we garden in close proximity to one another. I envy your chickens! I planted the lavender as a plant in October. They never last for me so I consider them a cool weather annual.

    Ami - I think I need a few more of the lavender:)

    ChrisC - I am loving the Alyssum. I grew some from seed last spring and one clump made it just fine through the summer and is re-seeding all over now that the weather is cooler.

    FlowerLady - You should try some lavender during the winter. You NEED it to stuff your lovely embroidered sachets!

    Floridagirl - You know, I have that lavender planted next to the house which I think makes the soil more alkaline. I never knew about the acidic soil not agreeing with it. That spot is one of my few sunny and dry spots.

  8. Hey, Kay! I especially love the pretty blue/purple cheerful during this cold weather! However, I'm especially loving your butterfly pics in your sidebar...GORGEOUS!!!

  9. NanaK, All of the flowering plants look like Christmas presents from your garden. Merry Christmas Janis

  10. Hi Kay,
    I'm so glad to see you enjoying the lavender. The ones I bought the same day are doing well in these cooler days. They should last right through until April but it won't take temps below 30 for extended period.

    You've got some great bloomers for December hanging in there even with all this a-typical cold we are experiencing. Or has it become typical? Geez... I'm not sure there is such a thing anymore.

  11. Hi Kay:

    I live and garden in the same area as you. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! I am trying to figure out how to "follow" you, but can't find the "follow" button.

    I never have tried Sweet Alyssum, but now I will give it a shot. I am looking for plants that will reseed themselves.

    I love the almond bush. I bought two at Bok Towers and planted one in my garden and gave one to a friend in St. Leo. Now his is sky high and doing really well, mine just never made it past the first year. I am going to get a cutting from him and try again.

    Your posting was a beautiful Christmas gift, with all the flowers and butterflies. Thank you and Merry Christmas! -- Gardendipity


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