Friday, December 31, 2010

My Favorites....This Month

December 2010 Favorites

This has been a busy month filled with Holiday activities from beginning to end.  Time for the garden has been short around here.  Most of the garden activity has consisted of bringing potted plants and newly rooted cuttings in and out of the house and back porch.  Watching the weather report has also taken up a lot of time here at My Garden Path.  There have been a few shining stars out in the garden this month in spite of my neglect and I certainly want to give them credit for the great job they have done keeping my garden from being just one big brown patch.

The two camellia bushes have been blooming all month providing lots of color and shiny green leaves.  I am seeing that I need to add more of these to my garden.  The roses have shown how much they love the cooler drier air by blooming profusely. The honeysuckle was purchased this spring just for it's cold hardiness and it is rewarding me by not only keeping it's leaves but also putting out wonderfully scented blooms.  Of course, the Christmas cacti shone bright this month.  It always amazes me how they bloom right on time.  I'm only showing the creamy white one but there are two other colors in my collection, a fuschia and a red.  The two big surprises have been the red shrimps and the flowering maple.  Both have been blooming since October and neither have been fazed by all the freezes we've experienced this month.  I will definitely be adding more of these.  Since they are easy to root from cuttings they'll even be budget friendly. 

Drop by Simply Susan's blog to share your December favorites.

Happy New Year!


  1. Wow, Kay. With all the cold and frosty weather you still have some beauties making you and me both smile. I'm wondering how I can make camellias fit into every nook and cranny of the garden! Ha! They sure are amazing in summer and winter.

  2. Great December faves, NanaK. Really love your camellia...mine finally bloomed today! Gotta get a flowering maple. One will come home with me if I ever encounter it.

  3. Beautiful December faves! Love your camellias. You are so right that roses just love our cooler and drier weather. My Roses are opening bigger flowers now. Happy New Year!

  4. Meems - I'm with you on the camellias. I'm wondering if spring is a good time to plant more or if it is better to wait until fall?

    Floridagirl - I'm glad you're getting blooms on your camellias - finally! They do set buds and then just sit there for the longest time don't they?

    Ami - I'm glad to hear your roses are doing well. I hope to see some pictures of them soon on your blog:)


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