Monday, January 10, 2011


I'm not sure that what I've done is repurposing in the strictest meaning of the word, but I did turn someone else's trash into my treasure.  A few weeks ago I noticed my neighbor having a garage sale and wandered over to see what treasure might be there. 

I discovered a great looking wicker bar with two barstools.  The wicker was in great shape structurally.  There was just a little peeling paint.

Four cans of white spray paint later and I have a new plant stand with three shelves and two new places for people to sit.  Well, OK, I did buy seven new green glazed pots with saucers and two new chair cushions, but doesn't it look nice?

My favortie daughter-in-law (I can say this because she is my only d-i-l) gifted me with a great metal tray to go with these renewed pieces.

For now, the tender cuttings and plants that I plan to use in the spring garden are taking shelter on the porch in a much neater and prettier way. 

This was a project I enjoyed doing that was garden related and  kept me from doing the pre-mature trimming I'm so itching to do. 


  1. What a great find! It looks great with the new pots and plants. This summer when you are hard at work, you can sit and have a drink or two. :)

  2. Score! It's looks lovely on your porch.

  3. Nice finding and great job to repaint and repurposed the furniture. They look great on your porch. Oh, I saw your christmas cactus on the top shelf :)

  4. What a wonderful, peaceful look you have created and I'm sure it was a pleasureful project. Way to go.


  5. NanaK, Great job with the repurposed furniture, it looks so clean and neat. Love the green pots. Janis

  6. Char - I do a lot of sitting on that porch in all seasons. Right now, it's to plan what to do as soon as it warms up a bit. In the summer it is to sit under the fans and sip a cool drink and plan what to do as soon as it cools off a bit:)

    Darla - Thanks. I do feel like I scored a good one this time. And, I actually finished the job!

    Ami - You really spied those out? They are a couple I bought after Christmas on sale. I don't really NEED more Christmas cacti, but they came home with me.

    FlowerLady - You provide a lot of inspiration for using found things around the garden. I am happy to have completed this project as I often struggle to do the actual work part.

    Janis - Thanks. I love those pots too. I think they were a necessary part of the project. I appreciate you agreeing with me. My hubby didn't quite understand the need to buy them:)

  7. Oh, NanaK, I love your porch! It all looks so inviting and garden-y. Great repurposing you have done. I have been on the lookout FOREVER for a piece like that to display orchids. Love that accordion divider as well! I hope to get a couple of those as well someday. My wicker furniture in the orchid room is from a garage sale, except I haven't painted it yet, as I keep vacillating on color. Should it be white or something more bold, or just earth-tones like it is now? I am stuck in indecision.

  8. Great job, NanaK. It looks like you've found some pieces in great shape that you made look even greater. Love your screen painted with fern leaves...very nice. It all goes together so well. Enjoy!

  9. Fantastic! I love the look, great re-purposing. :)

    Yes, and don't yield to the temptation of premature trimming... it's all way too confusing out there this time of year!

    Stay warm!


  10. Cool project. The wicker should let in filtered light for your plants as well as protect them from the wind. Way to be thrifty. well done.

  11. Floridagirl - Go bold! I think I need more orchids to display there when the cold weather subsides and those little cuttings get placed outside. Thanks for the idea - as if I needed help in planning plant purchases;)

    Susan - Thanks. I use that porch a lot and just decided to spruce it up a bit.

    Mary - Well, at least we have more cold weather which squashes any thoughts of trimming for me. I've heard that Feb. holds more cold but I'm not believing it!

    sanddune - Thanks for your kind words. Coming from you, the inspiration for my desire to do more reuse, recycle they are much appreciated.

  12. Hi Kay,
    So nice the way you used the bar for a plant stand. I especially like all the matching containers. I think I see your cuban oregano still surviving. I sure am glad I took cuttings because the mother plant is not looking well. This herb does not like all this cold weather. Love the divider,too. This is a good time of year to work on these projects. Like you said it keeps our pruners out of reach for a little while longer. Hope your plants are snuggly tonight. Brrrr.


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