Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Butterfly Babies

Certain plants are planted here at My Garden Path to be larval food for the many butterflies that add their beauty to the garden.

Dill, parsley, and rue were planted to attract the Black Swallowtail butterfly.  So far, dill has been the favorite choice.

When this chrysalis was formed the dill was alive and green.  Now, the bright green chrysalis really stands out against the brown seed head.

This beautiful butterfly is a favorite of mine.  I love the way they just seem to float in the air.  I am always amazed that each type of butterfly has its own favorite plant for larval food and the female of each species finds that particular plant for egg-laying.

How this Monarch chrysalis ended up attached to a leatherleaf fern I have no idea.  The milkweed that is the larval food for the Monarch caterpillar is at least 30 feet away.  Other chrysalises were attached to the fence right next to the milkweed. 

There are many reasons I love gardening.  Sharing my love of nature with the grandchildren is #1.


  1. Nana ~ What wonderful pictures and I really love the one of your grandson and his expression on his face as he gazes at the butterfly.

    Enjoy your lovely, peaceful gardens.


  2. Great, great, great!!!!! Monarch's rarely form their chrysalis on the host plant...adorable expression on your grandson's face.

  3. Hi Kay...It looks like you're going to have lots of butterflies fluttering around your garden soon. The look of wonder on your grandson's face is precious and priceless! He's a lucky little boy to have a gardening nana.

  4. He looks like you, Kay. What a priceless photo! I love this post.

  5. Beautiful photos.Especially the last one,of your grandson.He's precious!I use parsley as a border edging in the garden.That way I have plenty for the butterflies and me.I found a Monarch chrysallis 30' away,to.On some Junco grass.Amazing.

  6. FlowerLady - Sometimes the garden is not just about the plants but also about all that those plants bring to it. Critters are part of the wonder.

    Darla - Good to know about Monarchs. I have often wondered where those caterpillars went.

    Susan - The butterflies are such an enjoyable part of the garden. It's amazing how much fun it is to share with the grandkids.

    sherryocala - I think that last photo is priceless too:)

  7. Yes, that last photo is spectacular! What an incredible moment.

  8. That face is priceless. The wonder of a child is enough to get us inspired to garden! Love the butterflies and observing their graceful flight and habits. Lots of fun in the garden for you and the kiddos.

  9. ♥ that pic of your grandson and the butterfly....priceless!


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