Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Garden Neglected Still Brings Joy

Between vacation days, rainy days and sweltering heat, time spent in the garden has been minimal.  I'm very thankful for the rains we've been getting as that eliminates the chore of hand-watering every day. ( Irrigation for the back garden is certainly on the list for "someday" improvements.)  Since being left on its own, the garden has grown a bit wild.

Some nice surprises have shown up among all the wildness.  Bromeliads that were damaged by the cold this winter seem to have recovered quite well and are blooming now. 

While visiting a public garden on vacation I purchased a little sign that fits perfectly here.  It reads, "I don't remember planting this."  Really, that sign will fit in many places here at My Garden Path.

My little spot for catching the eastern sunlight always challenges my camera abilities.  One day I'll be able to capture the light just as I see it, I hope.

The rain barrel is finally getting some camouflage from the star jasmine and blue plumbago.  Every winter the barrel is left standing exposed and ugly.  I tried ripping out the plumbago and jasmine with the idea of planting something like tea olive which would give year-round coverage, but I dawdled and they grew back.  I love the plumbago when it's blooming but this winter I'm going to regret my laziness.

The newer version of flowering maple that was planted under the big oak is about three feet by three feet now and seems to be  staying smaller and bushier than the tall one I have in another bed.  Love it.  It blooms constantly and, while blooms are not always open all at the same time, it makes a lovely backdrop for the bright coleus planted in front of it.

Sweet almond is perfuming the yard.  This bush is now a small tree.  I have it in quite a bit of shade which I think is keeping it spindly.  But, it has really grown tall.  It's hard to get a photograph of the whole tree as it disappears into the background due to its slender, open branched form.  Bees of all types love it but so do stink bugs.  Maybe the sweet almond fragrance will make them smell better when I squish 'em.  

This is the time of the year when I slow my gardening efforts.  Morning hours are still enjoyably spent outside but heavy digging and planting is not on the agenda.  


  1. Wow, your garden does not look neglected at all, and is definitely filled with beauty.

    We are having a thunderstorm right now, with more glorious rain. Hurray!


  2. My garden is neglected too! Since my mom's been in the hospital I haven't been making as many trips to the garden anymore... and it's too hot and buggy by the time I DO get there. I love the shot of the Aechmea fasciata! I didn't tnow that could survive outdoors down there.

  3. Lol....I love the saying on the little sign you bought.

  4. FlowerLady - Of course, I didn't show the really weedy, wild parts. The rain has been so nice for the plants that I think it's worth the weeds.

    RFG - I hope your Mom is doing better. My Aechmea fasciata gets burned a little on the outer leaves but still puts out pups. It started as one plant and now I have a nice clump. It has weathered both the last winters. Oak tree cover is a good thing.

    SiestaSister - I am always getting surprised by something either being dropped by the birds or coming back after I've forgotten all about it and thought it was gone.

  5. Your garden is looking great with all the wonderful colors and foliage textures blending together. Sweet almond has such a wonderful fragrance and from what I understand will take a little bit of below freezing weather. Let's hope so, anyway.

  6. You are so right.It's just too hot to do anything in the garden.I'm trying to keep up with weeds,but just barely.The past few days,the rain has gone all around us.I may have to start watering!

  7. Susan - My sweet almond bush/tree came through this past winter with flying colors. I didn't cover it at all. When spring came it shot up in height. I love the scent.

    ChrisC - Sure hope you get some more rain. We've been getting some at least every other afternoon. Just perfect.

  8. Kay,
    Wow... your summer garden has really filled in and filled out. It is looking wildly wonderful. :-)The sweet almond is non-stop growth. I've recently soft pruned mine back... again. It might be sited in the wrong place for here. I don't think I realized its energy level.

    I was out dragging my hose around this morning to some new seedlings I put in the ground thinking the rain would nurture them. No rain since last Saturday and I'm whining about it. lol
    Have a great weekend.


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