Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Buzzing, Flitting and Fluttering


Spotted Horsemint has gotten way out of hand over by the veggie bed.  It really brings in the bees and other buzzing insects though.


A busy female ruby-throated hummingbird is the only hummer I've ever seen.   Always just one at a time.  Could she be the same one?  Last year I saw her from March until October.  This year it sure looks like the same bird.  She has been flitting through the garden several times a day since February this year.  I would love for her to bring along some friends. The red firespike is her favorite flower.  I'm glad I have spread it around in several places.


Crimson pentas are one of the best butterfly attractors planted in my garden.  I can always count on finding butterflies where they are blooming.

Now that summer is at its end and the temperature is at its highest, more of the buzzing, flitting and fluttering creatures are visiting the garden.  I enjoy seeing this flurry of  activity as much as I enjoy seeing the flowers.


  1. Great shot of that hummer! I'm sure you've got a male somewhere if there's a female. I can't remember if you have Hamelia patens. ??? My firebushes are swarming with hummers everyday. If I don't see any when I walk out, I know if I stand there (partially hidden, of course), they will be humming again within 5 or 10 minutes.

    I know what you mean by those summer highs. It seems I always get the most butterfly action in my garden on the hottest, sunniest days.

  2. Great capture of the Hummer, rule of thumb about hummers, however many you see you always add one. They apparently travel in twos...my firespike won't bloom until it cools down some. Interesting that yours is.

  3. Great shot of the hummer. I keep hoping I have one someday. My firebush is waiting for it. Amazing how you can go from a couple of cuttings to a very good sized fire bush in a year. It really needs trimming, but I figure the more blooms it has, the better the chance of a humming bird visiting.

    I agree about the crimson pentas. The butterflies sure love them.

  4. Floridagirl - I do have firebush in two spots. They were planted last fall and were very small plants. They have come back from winter bigger than before but they aren't blooming. Perhaps too much shade. I should take some cuttings and then plant some in more sun.

    Darla - I hope your rule of thumb is true for my hummer.

    SiestaSister - I've tried hummingbird feeders but they don't seem to attract them for me. When the salvia, firespike, shrimp plants, etc. are all blooming that's when I see them. My firebush isn't blooming. What's up w/ that?

  5. They definitely do seem more abundant at this time of year. They are a real treat to have them fluttering in the garden. Nice pic of the hummer. We only see one at a time, too.

  6. Love your hummer picture! I still have not got luck to see any hummers in my garden. I have that red firespike too. Maybe they only visit certain time of the day whicle I am at work?

  7. Love all the friends you've attracted to your garden path. This time of year there is a symphony of activity especially in the sunniest parts of the day. We've got one very active hummer but there is a mate because once in a while we see both of them. They are so fun to watch from the back porch or the front seating area. What I love most is when they are but a few feet away from me while I'm sorking in the garden and I just pause to observe their busyness. Such amazing creatures.

  8. Susan - Having the butterflies and birds visiting the garden makes this HOT time of year enjoyable. Wonder why more hummers aren't zooming in on our flowers? Maybe the one who comes around is keeping the flower source as her own little secret.

    Ami - I usually see the hummer buzzing around in the morning after the sun has been up a good while. Also, around lunchtime and early afternoon. So, you probably just miss seeing yours. You'll just have to be extra vigilant in looking for them on the weekends!

    Meems - I think being able to watch the creatures enjoy the garden is one of the best rewards the garden gives us. I just love when the hummer stands still in mid-air.

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  10. What a great picture of a hummingbird, we don't get to see many here in the city


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