Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Fabulous Foliage

A mild winter and the start of the summer rains have really given a boost to the foliage in the shady parts of the garden.

The Sweet Almond bush is taking shape as a single-trunk small tree.  It has had trouble keeping upright during high winds but it stood strong during 'Debby.'  The blooms have come in flushes one right after another since March.

The area underneath the oak is starting to take shape as well.  This area was all Wedelia ground cover.  You can read about its re-do here.   My Oakleaf Hydrangeas didn't bloom this year, but they are putting out new stems and leaves so I have high hopes for next spring.  

Now here's a look I love.  The shady tropical corner has foliage upon foliage.  There are few bare spots to be seen in this area.

I love being able to put houseplants in the ground to form a low bushy groundcover that gets nipped in the winter but comes back every spring.  (Polka Dot Plant 'White Splash' on the left and 'Pink Splash' at the bottom right edge of this picture.)  They re-seed so there are now more than the original two. 

Looking out from the shady corner across the boggy area I'm so happy to see that I may have finally figured out what can take drought conditions in early spring and still take flooding in summer. Many plants have met their doom in this spot.  

Oh yes, mid-summer foliage is a beautiful thing!