Thursday, January 14, 2010

Total Devastation


The current state of the area.  So sad.

The gingers and bananas along the back fence are unrecognizable. 

The past two weeks have brought a prolonged freeze to the garden.  So many plants are nothing but brown crispiness or black mush.  It will be a while yet before the damage is understood completely.  Patience.  This new blog will be an opportunity to chronicle the re-growth and re-learning process along My Garden Path.


  1. Hi, NanaK. I saw your comment on Meems' blog re the state of gardens since the freeze. It's always a shock when that infrequent long cold spell hits us. I garden farther north, just north of the Florida line, in Georgia. I'm used to a killing frost, but not winter that stays for weeks instead of a day or two at a time. I'm hopeful that most plants will regrow from the roots as usual.

  2. Hi NanaK,
    Welcome to the blog world. I'm so sorry about the changes in your garden. I see that pretty firespike is burned to a crisp~~ just like mine~~ just as it was blooming. sigh. Of course the coleus never tolerate too much cold but all the cordylines were hit pretty hard. It is especially hard to see everything get deeper shades of mush and brown as the days progress.

    Well, we will all be rebuilding together. We'll hold each other's hands and encourage along the way! Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. Look forward to getting to know you better.

  3. NellJean - Thanks for your comment. Hope is what I have to remember. Last year I had much the same situation as now and everything came back beautifully. However, I see the need to plant some things that will make it through and give me a background for these other more tender plants. Sounds like a spring project!

    Meems - Thank you for commenting on my first post on my first blog. I have so much to learn both about gardening and blogging. Thanks for the encouragement about the rebuilding of our gardens ahead. I'm actually starting to get enthused about developing a plan.


  4. NanaK, I enjoyed meeting you today at the seed swap. Your yard was beautiful, this is very hard right now but we are all in it together. Janis


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