Monday, January 18, 2010

Looking Ahead With Hope

Having put all my whining aside, I went out into the yard today looking for those plants that made it through the deep freeze.  You will find their pictures in my sidebar.  I felt a bit cheerier after realizing that there is a bit of color left.  There are not any lush landscape vistas to photograph however.  For now, I'm appreciating each individual plant that is still performing well.

One of my favorite garden helpers gifted me with this sweet sign for my birthday in December which just happens to be his birthday as well.  (Different years, of course.)

The rosemary in the pot beside it is doing quite well.  I love to snip some to use in oven-roasted potatoes.

Another thing I enjoyed tremendously today was planting some seeds which I got from a seed-swap with new gardening friends.  The Tampa Tribune gardening editors hosted the swap at Plant Park.  Included was a very informative tour of the park given by the Friends of the Park.  I'm watching these new babies with hopeful anticipation.  In addition to the seeds, I greedily took as many cuttings as I could.  I'm going to take very good care of these until Spring comes and I can plant them outside. 

Here is Andy Dog helping me survey my garden with a hopeful eye.


  1. Are those white shrimps in the foreground of that first photo, Kay?
    Lovin' your inaugural blog! Beautiful! My mom is also Nana, and would love the beautiful and unusual gift from your birthday-share grandchild.
    I'm checking out your survivors -- my purple queen did NOT survive. I've heard from a few people about how well their bromeliads fared (I have none -- I'm surprised rainforest dwellers can take the cold so well), and in the veggie garden, my Asian leaf lettuce came through unscathed, while limas bit the dust.
    Lovely blog, Kay. I'm adding it to my favorites.

  2. Penny - Those are coleus in bloom. I expected to lose them but they didn't just die, they vanished! I just love all the colors you can get coleus in and use them as annuals every spring.
    Thanks for your kind words about the blog. It's fun to do.

  3. Love your inaugural blog, Kay. Looking forward to more of the same. And how about a recipe for those rosemary oven roasted potatoes. They sound yummy.

  4. You are oh so right...Gardening is an act of that quote in your sidebar. We've all taken a blow this winter but we have much to look forward to in spring, and much work to do. It looks like you've had some strong survivors, though. Congrats on your new blog. I look forward to visiting.

  5. Susan - Your post on Central Fla Gardener is what got this blog started. It's fun but now I want not just new plants but also a new camera :)
    I'll have to post some recipes "from the garden" later. Thanks for the idea.

  6. NanaK:

    I came across your blog address via Simply Susan's site. It is interesting that we both started our first blog talking about freeze damages last thursday! What does that make us, blog twins?? haha.

    I am sorry to see the damages in your garden, but I think we just need to look ahead with the hope, like you said.

    I have added your blog into my blog list. Welcome to stop by my blog at anytime soon.

  7. Kay, I am on my THIRD camera upgrade since we started The Dirt in May 2008. Granted, one was a borrow from Mom, who was having problems going digital, but once I had it a few months and she saw the great pix, she wanted it back. (She got me a new one for Christmas, so I can't complain :) )
    Ami, we are freeze triplets, and I'm checking you out next. The Dirt is at
    if you want to visit. Virtual hot chocolate with marshmallows await.
    Susan, UGH. The work ahead!But you know, once I get started, I am so Zen. So what the heck. It's all good.

  8. Penny...I know what you mean about a new camera. I want one too. Glad the CFG blog post was helpful. You picked a really nice background for your blog. I've listed your blog on my blogrolls on both CFG and Simply Susan. I look forward to visiting often.

  9. Just visited your blog, Susan. I'm not sure I've been there before -- I thought I'd checked out all the Florida garden blogs, but as you note, they are growing in numbers!
    I hope you'll check out The Dirt. It's a little different because we're associated with a newspaper. We try to switch it up between our own experiences, readers who send us stuff, and occasionally newsy stuff. It has become a fun little on-line garden club, which I love (having no time to go to real garden club meetings!)

  10. Gotta add a note -- I've visited both of Susan's blogs more than a few times. Duh. They're great! I'm an idiot!
    I didn't realize she was the author of both blogs, so I was confused. Who would expect in their wildest fantasies that a gardener would have time for gardening AND two blogs? Hat's off to you, Susan

  11. I am so glad I stopped by your blog today Kay, you have done a beautiful job. My daughter is going to help with my blog adding side bars and better grouping. I am diffidently better working out in the yard then making a blog. Janis


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