Thursday, January 21, 2010

Spring Veggie Seeds

New spring seeds arrived just in time for my little helpers to get out in the garden and dig with their NanaK.
According to the Farmer's Almanac this was a good day to plant above ground crops.  Seeds planted were:  Husky Cherry Red tomatoes, Galina's tomatoes, Cherokee Purple tomatoes, Beefmaster VFM tomatoes, Giant Belgium tomatoes, Little Fingers eggplant.

Previously started Fat n' Sassy bell peppers have sprouted and are enjoying our warmer days out on my back porch.

A flock of robins flew by and distracted my little diggers.  It was a hopeful sign of spring don't you think?


  1. Your little helpers are so cute. You reminded me that I can start some of my seeds now. So looking forward to spring coming!

  2. You asked about the microspadix, I got it mixed in with a pot of chamaedorea radicalis at Ace Hardware on San Jose, Jacksonville! They easily hybridize and the seeds look alike so I can see how it happens... I'll be waiting for more seeds on my palms and i'll have to share with all my blogger friends! Love the blog and cute pictures by the way!

  3. Ami - Check the Farmer's Almanac for the best dates to plant your various seeds. Their dates really work! Thursday and Friday the 28th & 29th are supposed to be best for flowers.

    RF Gardener - That is so neat to get a "surprise" plant in with the radicalis. I'm going to check out those palms as well. When all our plants start thriving again we'll have to talk about a seed swap by mail:)

  4. I definitely hope so! It's always so exciting to see a flock of robins. I, too, would stop to observe them. You've got some of the cutest garden help I've ever seen. :-)

  5. Is microspadix the same as cardboard palm?
    Love the photo, Kay!
    I guess I'm going to have to get more disciplined about when I plant my seeds. You're the 4th person to suggest either going by the moon or the Farmer's Almanac (which may be one in the same.) Since I have only a 50-50 success rate with my seeds, I'm ready to try something new.


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