Monday, February 1, 2010

Rose Fever

I have been obsessed with finding Old Garden Roses to put in one of my few sunny patches of garden ever since I saw how cold resistant they were during the record freeze we just came through.

Of course, I wasn't able to delay gratification and I bought a Knockout rose while on another errand at my local big box store.  She is blooming and so even though she isn't my original intent, I love her.

My wonderful, thankfully strong husband dug out the 2nd 20+ year old hibiscus for me to make room for one of two Old Garden Roses I've been researching.  Those are his legs at the top right.  That was one big stump to dig!

Saturday, I drove 40 minutes to a rose nursery in south Tampa, Hardin's.  What a great place!  I was given much information on roses and helped to pick just the easy-care one I needed to go with a Louis Philippe for which I AM going to hold out.  This one is not currently blooming but is a nice healthy plant and a good size as well.  This is placed in the now filled-in crater left by the hibiscus.  Still needs companions and mulch, but this is much better already.  Belinda's Dream  She isn't an OGR as she was bred in 1988, but she is an Earthkind(trademark) rose which is especially easy for a beginner.  I hope.  Hardin's sells all their roses on Fortuniana rootstock which makes them well suited for Florida's soil.  Ok, so a week or so ago I decided I wanted 1 OGR to put in this spot.  Now I have 2 other roses and a perfect spot for my Louis Philippe in the future.  I have to stop my rose obsession now because I'm out of room in my only sunny, well draining soil spot.  Can't wait to show pictures of Belinda's bloom!


  1. 'Louis Philippe' is certainly the best! I am obsessed with that rose! Beautiful form and what a heavenly scent! Never, ever a fear of pestilence. Leave a lot of room for it, gets a good 5-6 feet wide, even with repeated hacking.

  2. Oh, you guys are now making me want that 'Louis Philippe'! Where can I find one? I am too in love with roses. I only have three roses in my garden for now, and they are all blooming beautifully. It's ability to stand the freeze is a big plus! I think they are actually happier in winter than in summer. Florida sun in the summer seems a little too much for this sun-loving plant. The flower faded so quickly in the summer.

  3. Floridagirl - I've only heard the same good things about this rose from everyone who grows it. I think I have left enough space in my garden for it. Thanks for the warning though.

    Ami - So glad I could cause someone else to be obsessed. I'm actually waiting for a friend to root a cutting from hers. Otherwise, I only know of the same place I got Belinda's Dream which sells it on Fortuniana not own root. Good luck finding one. I doubt you want to wait until next year for me to root you one but if so...just ask.

  4. NanaK: Thanks for the generous offering about rooting me a cutting of 'Louis Philippe'! It is very nice of you. I will see if I can find any here :)

  5. NanaK,
    Yay for hubby. That was quite a job. I think you are going to be much happier with a cold hardy rose than those hibiscus. You've got me curious about Hardin's and OGRes. I'm going to be googling those two things as soon as I leave here. Do you mean antique roses when you say "old garden"?

    I've never been too excited about roses (in my garden)after having a dedicated rose bed many years ago that I ripped out. They are finicky and need more sun than I can offer. BUT... I DID buy a Louis Phillipe last year after seeing it at a native nursery. It is just now getting big enough to notice. I have it trailing on a wooden fence. And the frost didn't faze it. I'm starting to be very tempted to put some knock-outs in my new planting bed. Still time to decide on that one.

  6. Meems - Yes, I mean antique roses/old garden roses. Don't go by me. I'm new to roses. I've been told that what I have is "easy" to care for so I hope that's true. I'm not planning a formal rose bed - just a few by my backporch for fragrance and to give my butterfly area something that doesn't disappear in winter.

  7. NanaK, Hardin's is the BEST place to buy roses in the Tampa Bay area. I think I will make a post of my roses from last spring, almost all of them came form Hardin's. If you join the Tampa Rose society you will get a newsletter with all you need to know about roses. Good luck with the obsession with roses, I can not buy enough of them. Janis

  8. I used to grow a lot of roses here in the Miami area, but they are hard work compared to growing them in temperate climates. I also grew most of them in pots so I could move them around more easily ("easily" being a relative term!). Have a look out for Prosperity, an old climbing rose that is nigh on indestructible. She is pretty much disease free and throughout the year produces large clusters of white, tinged with pink, flowers. I've had mine in a large pot for years and she keeps on flowering although I keep forgetting to feed her.

  9. Janis - I would love to read more about your roses (and see pictures!)

    Penny - Prosperity sounds lovely and "nigh on indestructible" is just the kind of plant I can grow :)

  10. I see a new addiction...roses...forming here. Their beauty and scent (especially OGroses) is definitely seductive. Great choice. I'm going to get Belinda's Dream this spring, too. Louis Phillippe is one of my very favorites. He hardly has any thorns which is nice when clipping him up a bit. Don't forget to stop and smell the roses once in awhile. :-)

  11. I have a Belinda's Dream and was even thinking of getting another. They are beautiful and smell lovely. And funny enough I have been researching the Louise Phillipe as well. Like you, I love easy to care for roses which is why a lot of them are Knock Out's of different colors.

    I will have to make a trip to Hardin's sometime. Any excuse to see a new nursery.
    Susan Gillespie


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