Friday, February 5, 2010

Stir-Fry Tonight!

While the clean-up continues, I was able to find a bright spot in my garden.  I have a few containers of vegetables that not only made it through the freeze but have seemed very happy all during and after it. 
The carrots (sweet treat) are just babies right now.  Probably another couple of weeks they will be larger.  They only grow to 5" in length so are perfect for the 5 gallon containers in which I grow them.  I have enjoyed the  peas (Oregon sugar pod) several times already, but I now know I need to plant more of these next November.  The peas are easy to succession plant even with the containers.  The only problem with the peas is that I end up eating most of them in the garden before I get them into the kitchen.  This is my first time growing these veggies and I am very happy with my results. 


  1. We are sooooo lucky to be able to eat goodies from our garden in winter. We're still eating broccoli and collards.

  2. Beautiful harvest! I'm hoping to pull up carrots in a couple of weeks as well. They are looking so lush right now.

  3. I was amazed that my lettuces (a bunch of Asian varieties) seemed to actually LIKE the freezes! They were in the ground, and I didn't even bother covering them, figuring they were goners.
    Kay, I had saved your blog from your first post on my Favorites. Every time I clicked back, from Favorites, I got your first post, so I didn't think you'd added anything.
    Tonight, I explored further and, lo! Look what I've been missing! I'll enjoy catching up.

  4. Kay,
    Yummmmmyyyy! Nothing like those fresh garden treats. It seems the carrots do better with the cold... mine survived the cold but not the large truck wheels running over them. Last year I re-planted for spring but they get bitter with the warm weather. Oh well, we'll go for it again next fall.

  5. Susan - Yes, it is cool to be able to eat from the garden in winter. I haven't ever had a fall/winter garden and my first experience has been very rewarding.

    Floridagirl - What variety of carrots did you plant? Since I'm in containers I have to be sure I use a short variety. "Sweet Treat" has lived up to its name.

    Penny - I'm glad you found my more recent posts. I'm trying to use this blog as a record of this year's successes and failures so that I can quit being a willy-nilly type of gardener.

    Meems - I've never grown any veggies except tomatoes and those always in the spring. This year I branched out and tried a fall garden of toms and then carrots, snap peas, onions and sweet potatoes. So far, the fall/winter veggies have all been successful. I only wish I could plant more but I have limited space.

  6. In many ways the fall garden is easier than the spring garden. The spring garden always starts out with a bang growing beautifully until the humidity kicks in and then it is one challenge after the other. I have had great success with sweet treat as well. But last year the ones I planted in March were a little bitter ... that's what the heat does to them. It is better to plant earlier. I wish I had more room, too. It seems the more veggies we enjoy the more we want... there is only so much sun to go around in a shady yard. :-)


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