Monday, February 8, 2010

More Cold Hardy Planting

Bamboo Multiplex 'fernleaf' was planted against the neighbor's chainlink fence last fall.  This was with the view of giving privacy to the backyard.  The bamboo is cold hardy and made it through the January freeze just fine.  It is a clumping variety that is also referred to as hedge bamboo.  This spring it should thicken up some and by its third year in the ground it should reach its full potential.  This weekend I added to this bed:  1 pineapple guava (feijoa selowiana), 4 loropetalum, and 11 flax lilies that were divided into 35 for a border.

Can you see the little loropetalum with it's pink blooms to the forefront and just behind the flax lily border?  It tends to blend right into the mulch but the hope is that as it gets larger it will contrast nicely against the bright green bamboo.  There are four of them in the bed, two on each side of the pineapple guava.  The pineapple guava is the small bush to the back of the photo almost to the shadowed area. 

Here, you can see the loropetalum better.  It is the little bit of pink you see in the lower right corner.  I hope they grow fast!

A closer view of the pineapple guava.  This should add some interest to the front of this bed.  All of these plants are cold hardy and so should keep the privacy desired all year long.  I like my neighbors very much but there is a road just the other side of their property that anyone travelling on  can see straight through to my yard.  That is too much exposure for me.  I have no further plans for this area.  I'm just going to water, fertilize, weed and watch it grow.


  1. I'm sure you will get a lot of privacy from that planting. My lorapetalums are about six feet tall and just as wide these days. Do you know where to find that clumping bamboo here in Central Florida? I have long wanted to plant some bamboo.

  2. Oooo... your bamboo is looking very nice. And yes, I see your lorapetalums. They will fill in nicely. And my fave border plants... flax lilies will make a very nice contrast. I see you have lots of good mulch, too. You have done a great job creating a barrier between you and the traffic. Can't wait to get my pineapple guava(s)and very much looking forward to meeting you.

  3. Floridagirl - That's what I was hoping to hear about the lorapetalums. I got my bamboo from King's Bamboo at the USF Spring Plant Sale. They are the nicest people and have all kinds of bamboos for any planting situation. Here's their website
    If you call or e-mail them they will give you lots of info. They grow their bamboo just north of Tampa.

    Meems - Thanks for your kind comments and I am looking forward to meeting you too.

  4. I also had the question about where you bought the bamboo. Now I saw the question has been asked and answered :) Do you know if this type is invasive? I love bamboos, but a little concerned if the roots will reach too far since I don't have a big yard. I am tired of the boring hedge between my house and the neighbor, and I think this bamboo could be my choice! Yes, I can see loropetalum. I think you did a good job to this bed. Once they all mature, it should look nice, as well as provide the desired privacy.

  5. Ami - The clumping bamboo is not invasive. You can control the clump by clipping the new shoots once your clump has grown like you want it. The new shoots come up close together so the clump stays compact. The running bamboo is the one that can get away from you and invade your yard and your neighbor's yard. There are so many leaf types, culm types, and heights of bamboo available. Look at

  6. Very nice color combo. Those lorapetlums will look great against the bamboo, and the flax lily will look equally as good with the lorapetlums as a background. I may have to give those bamboo a try.

  7. NanaK, Your new flower bed looks great, I have been wanting to try the black bamboo with the yellow stripe. I also took a flax Lily and made many small plants out of it, all have made due to all this rain. Janis

  8. Susan and Janis, thank you both for your compliments. I look at this area everyday as it is the only bed that looks like a gardener might live here. I am working on the rest slowly.


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