Thursday, February 11, 2010

Next Project Begins

Hopefully, this weekend will bring nice weather for working outside.  I am so eager to get started on the dark, damp, shady area which runs along my back fence. 

The two variegated shefflera I purchased a few weeks ago were planted in the corner flanking a birdbath. This is the drier part of a damp area. I sure hope these bushes will be all right here. I like the way they brighten an otherwise dark corner.

Moving down the fence line, I planted one of the chamaedorea palms.  The other palm ended up directly behind the shefflera in the corner.  I like the corner arrangement, but this whole area confuses me and this weekend I'm hoping to move things around to define the area better.  There are curcuma gingers between the cat palm and the shell ginger which won't show until late spring.  There are some alocasias which also will not appear until later.  They are plants which handle the wet feet but I only see them 6-7 months out of the year.  This is a start, but so far from what I want from this space.  To be continued.....


  1. I can imagine how lush and tropical this will be by end of summer. Those arboricolas really grow fast! Curcumas break dormancy super-late in my late June, but they grow quickly after that.

  2. Looks like you're off and running on your landscape plans. This is such a great time of the year...except for cold rainy get all our projects done.

  3. A little at a time, NanaK... that's what it is all about. We get started and we add to it as life permits. You are off to a great start... I don't know about the promise for this weekend. Hopefully you'll have some nice weather tomorrow. I can't get back to my projects until Monday due to other commitments. But they will still be waiting for me then. :-)

  4. Floridagirl - September through December has so far been the best time for my garden. I think I need to learn to enjoy the process of gardening instead of being so anxious to have everything NOW.

    Susan - Yes, this is a great time to work on projects, before the heat and humidity hit. But, this cold spell is causing me to take a time out for a few days.

    Meems - You are so right. A little at a time. I just need to take a few deep breaths:)

  5. Isn't it fun and frustrating at the same time to figure out a garden?

  6. I have no more room in my garden, so I just love watching everyone else planting new beds. Looks like more rain tonight so Mother Nature will water them in for you. Keep the pictures coming.

  7. Looking good! Keep in mind that all of these plants will grow and sperad out, so having the cat palms and gingers in the back was the right thing to do. Honestly, I still don't know where to put all of my curcuma either. They're so lush and dramatic, but that also means leaving an empty spot in winter... I guess most of my garden looks empty now anyways. Some plants that do well in my damp shady area are split leaf philodendron, turks cap hibiscus, liriope, agapanthus (where it doesn't flood) gingers, leather fern and my favorite, alocasia!

  8. ChrisC - Oh yes, fun and frustrating. But, I feel better about my plans this year. I have at least learned about the micro-climates within my yard. I think I may have the right plant, right place figured out.

    Janis - No wonder you have no more room, you just bought out an entire plant sale :) You got some great plants though.

    Rainforest Gardener - Thanks for the encouragement. I know in my head that these will spread out and fill in. But in my heart, I want to see it NOW. Thanks too for the list of what you grow in a similar spot.


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