Thursday, February 18, 2010

Weather Permitting

I have been itching to get outside and begin the Spring gardening season.  Weather has not permitted.  In fact, cold, windy days and colder, windier nights have forced me to practice one of the many virtues I lack; patience. 

Birdfeeders were cleaned and filled and patiently watched.  "Shh... NanaK, there's a bird up there."  It would be nice if I could show you the bird, but I was focused on the new cast-iron plants I had just planted around the base of the feeder pole and over here in front of the Cat palm. 

Oh my, I just love the variegation in this one.  I know these will do well in my garden, Simply Susan.    These plants are cold hardy and heat tolerant, perfect to help give my shady corner some interest all year long. 
I am patiently (ha!) watching the weather reports and using this time to clean-up clay pots for future flower plantings and containers for the spring veggies.  I am also patiently planning the right place/right plant  advice given by Meems at Hoe & Shovel.  I want to be sure that her generous contributions to my shade garden will be placed properly.  There really is always something to do in the garden, even when the weather doesn't permit the gardener's first choice. 


  1. I can see that those cast-irons are going to do great in your yard :-). The weather has been a bit uncooperative this week...very out of the ordinary for us Florida gardeners. How much longer til March? Your amarylla is gorgeous!

  2. Even I am south of you, but the weather is just not as exprected. Most of the plants in my garden are kind of sleeping, not much growth. But I will try to start some seeds indoors to see if I can get something started ahead of the season. Let's all wait PATIENTLY! lol. Spring is just around the corner...

  3. That red amaryllis is beautiful! Mine were knocked back by the cold, but are peeking out of the ground again with new leaves. I can't wait for the spring bloom! Waiting ever so patiently......

  4. Your amaryllis is stunning!I have no patience,which is why I have been working in the garden the past few days.

  5. NanaK,
    All the treasures from you and Susan are still tucked away cozily in the garage. Tomorrow though they will come out and find a home regardless of weather. I actually LOVE working in this weather. I don't love having to figure out if it is going to frost every night. Grrrr.

    Thanks so much for the link... there are so many great resources available to each of us. It is a matter of putting it to good use and making good choices. One at a time.

    I am SO excited about that variegated cast iron!

  6. Susan - You are right. These lengthy cold spells are out of the ordinary for us Florida gardeners. But, you are also right in reminding me of March. Everything I read, including the Farmer's Almanac, tells me not to expect reliably good weather until then.

    Ami - What seeds are you starting? Please share how you do with them. I've only had marginal luck with seeds, except for zinnias.

    Floridagirl - That amaryllis is one I bought after Christmas on the clearance rack. I kept it warm indoors until bloom and then placed it on a little table I have outside. I love seeing some color amidst my brown. My other amaryllis that are in the ground are just peeking out too.

    ChrisC - I am following with interest your planned projects. I understand why you can't wait to get underway.

    Meems - I agree that the cool days are perfect for working on those labor intensive projects in the garden. I can't wait to see your new area revealed.

    Last night I spent a lot of time reading all those links. Love Rick Brown's Florida Friendly site, it is very informative. Now I need to apply all that knowledge. That is the definition of wisdom.

  7. I love those cats palms, NanaK! Are they only for filtered light or shade? (My attempt to plant shade in the spring was frozen-in-action in January.)
    I've been doing a lot of seeds. The cosmos are very easy to sprout, as is datura. I'm finding they do not like being taken inside and out (I thought they might like sun during the day, shelter from the cold at night -- not the case). The Vietnamese hollyhock seeds Janis Vogt has spread around are also fantastic sprouters and hardy as heck.

  8. Penny - The cat palms are shade lovers. Try this link
    to find a palm that likes a sunnier spot.

    I'm trying seeds too, but haven't had much luck with the cold weather - other than zinnias. I still have some datura and hollyhock seeds from the Dirty swap which I need to get planted! The weather is going to warm up now - right?


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