Saturday, March 20, 2010

Happy Gardeners' New Year!

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The first day of Spring has finally arrived. 
I hope all gardeners are having a wonderful day outside today. 

Having to wait for this season to begin has been very difficult for My Garden Path.   Waiting and watching beloved plants to see if they were going to be with me another season or be buried in the compost pile has been a slow and painful process.  Much about right plant/right place has been learned.  The lessons I learn the hard way seem to be the ones I remember.  I plan to remember to include some cold hardy plantings for the background of every area so that I never again have to look out onto a bleak wasteland for months on end.  Oh those tropicals will always have their place in my heart and garden, but there will also be good, dependable cold hardy shrubs, trees, and groundcovers to provide the framework for the garden.  I must admit I have never appreciated my azaleas more than this first day of Spring.


  1. Your collage of azaleas is just wonderful. You have a nice variety. I only have one kind, George Tabor. The main shrub has been full of blooms for awhile now. I love it.

    Happy spring ~ Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  2. Happy spring to you!

    I couldn't have expressed it better, NanaK. You have stated my exact philosophy so succinctly in terms of background plantings and tropicals in the right place! We'll never be without the trops all together and they will make their statements in grand ways but not one planting bed is empty because of the good foundations.

    Your azaleas are beautiful. What a wonderful reminder that spring is here. They make the cheeriest greeting!

    Now I'm off to the garden for more pruning. Can't seem to get that one job finished... so distracted by so much to do in the garden at once.

  3. Very well said, NanaK! Your azaleas are so lovely! I think that should deserve some close up shots! LOL. Happy spring! I have another garden project to finish this weekend. Will post the result after it is done. Happy gardening and have a great weekend!

  4. Amen, Meems! I was feeling so overwhelmed with all the work to do, I finally decided to just do what I want today, and that is planting. Worked all day and hardly made a dent -- planting includes pulling out the dead and amending the heck out of the soil. It sure slows the process. And then you see this needs pruning, and that needs weeding, and before you know it, the sun's going down.
    Congrats and thanks to all of you azalea people! You make my commute a joy!

  5. FlowerLady - I'll have to look into azalea names. I don't know what any of mine are. I'm afraid I've taken them for granted in the past. But I have to admit they are much more appreciated after this winter.

    Meems - I know that pruning is not as much fun as some things we do in the garden, but I hope you enjoy your day outside.

    Ami - Garden project? Can't wait to read all about it.

    Penlyn - I'm glad you were able to get outside and enjoy the day. Your new fence looks great and soon it will be the background for your beautiful plants.

  6. NanaK I think the azaleas look the best they have in years, all the rain has to have helped. I still cannot figure out how to do the picture grouping. In good time maybe. Janis


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