Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Picture of Pink Perfection

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One of my first projects for 2010 was to dig out a twenty year old hibiscus bush that was dead to the roots and had gotten too gnarly over the years of freeze and regrowth.  That huge bush was replaced with a new rose bush which is more cold hardy and still provides beautiful blossoms.  My new Belinda's Dream rose bush is still quite tiny, but this picture shows the first of 4 new buds to open.  I've been told great things about Belinda and I am looking forward to fragrant, pink roses filling this spot.


  1. Is it amazing even tiny bush can produce that many beautiful flowers? Very pretty rose! I love pink too! I am also waiting for a fragrance filled rose corner :)

  2. Your 'Belinda's Dream' is a beautiful rose! Please keep us updated throughout summer. I'd love to know if this one can stand up disease-free to the humidity. Always looking for tough roses!

  3. Wow, Belinda's Dream is gorgeous. I've not seen this one around town, although, I've not been visiting nurseries either in the last couple of years.

    Fragrance for me is almost a MUST. I'm always disappointed when a rose has no smell.

    I have seen this online a lot, so she's one popular rose.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  4. NanaK,
    Good luck with your rose I hope it does well for you. I never had much success with roses here this far South. Between humidity,bugs and blackspot my attempts have all been nonstarters.

  5. NanaK, That was a GREAT rose to have in our part of the country. I know you will have many blooms to cut and bring in the house to enjoy.

  6. Ami - I think we caught the rose bug at the same time. So far though, you are way ahead of me in rose acquisition :) Can't wait to see your corner of blooms.

    Floridagirl - Belinda's Dream is supposed to be an easy to grow rose for Florida. The rose nurserywoman recommended BD because I told her I was inexperienced.

    FlowerLady - I'm with you on the fragrance of a rose. They are lovely but...I want them to smell lovely too.

    sanddune - I'm hoping that by getting Old Garden varieties and Earthkind (tm) I will avoid a lot of the issues of growing roses in Florida.

    Janis - If you recommend her I feel quite comfortable. You are the rose lady extraordinaire!

  7. NanaK~~ You and Belinda are off to a great start together. It looks like you are going to get along very well. Love the pretty pink.

  8. I bought Belinda's Dream this spring and it's bud is just about ready to open. I'm surprised at how large the bud is...which makes me very excited to see the flower. Yours is just lovely!


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