Monday, March 15, 2010

They Made It!

I know that whining about the big freeze has been very much overdone at My Garden Path, so today I declare that I am officially over it. 

Clockwise from Top Left - Fig, Firespike, Butterfly Ginger, Papyrus, Crinum, Ice Cream Banana

Many of the plants I thought were never to be seen again have begun to push through the oak leaf mulch.  Soon they will back better than ever just as they were last spring.
Clockwise from Top Left Ending in the Middle - Cat's Whisker, Penta, Canna, Tibouchina, Passion Vine, Grand NainxSumatrana Banana, Butterfly Cassia
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The list of plants not showing signs of life is very short:  a few Hibiscus, Firebush, Pseuderanthemum, Clerodendrum.  By the end of March if they haven't woken up they will be replaced with other more cold hardy specimens.  The only one I will really miss is the Firebush, so I may get another of those for the hummingbirds.

At last, I'm able to go out into the garden and see life and growth!


  1. Yipee! Congratulations for the comeback! I am sure very soon we will see your posting more exciting progress, bloomings of your come-back-to-live garden. Spring always gives us the hope!

  2. Oh, Nanak: Have been wanted to ask you one question... What is the red flower in your head picture. I love it, and also saw something similar in one of frontyards of my community. thanks.

  3. Wow, NanaK, this is wonderful news for your garden! And don't worry, there are many other blogs that have whined far more than yours, I'm sure. I won't name names, but I'm thinking of the initials PITV. I really like to hear Floridians whine. Misery loves company.

    I wish my pentas were showing growth, but, then again, maybe I would see them if I'd get out there and pull weeds! Why doesn't the cold kill the weeds?!!!

    A note on Hamelia patens: Mine are burned back every single winter, even the mild ones. However, they always come back, and sometimes they don't show green until April or May, depending on the winter. I would never remove mine, mainly because the root structure would be a nightmare at this point. Also because my hummers love them. They grow very, very quickly once the green returns.

  4. Ami - The red flower is a red firespike (odontonema strictum). Hummingbirds love this and it blooms in the fall/winter for me. It is killed to the ground here every January but comes back fast and reliably blooms. It may stay all year for you in zone 10. Check this link for more info:

    Another red flowering shrub that is actually showier is pagoda flower (clerodendrum paniculatum). I don't have this one because it likes more sun than I have in my garden. Try this link for more info:

    Floridagirl - You're funny about the whining. Thanks for the info on your firebush. I'll hold out longer on it. I do love it. I've only had it for 2 years now and it did come back last year but I thought I saw signs of life by this time of year.

  5. It's amazing how resilient plants really are. Glad to see most of yours are making a come back. I have one hibiscus that's still a hold-out, too. I do believe the firebushes are worth replanting every year if necessary.

  6. NanaK: Thanks for the answer. I think both of these plants will be on my watch list :)

  7. NanaK,
    So very nice to see signs of growth and new life... I find myself making little sighs of relief as I walk about and see the little bits of green doing their best to push through. The firebush plants are worthy of the wait for them to come back... once they get started they grow very fast. I so wish they didn't freeze but then they might be taking over the garden if they didn't.

  8. Susan - I hope your hibiscus makes it back. I had one last year that took forever. This year I yanked it. I needed the sun for my rose :)

    Ami - You're welcome. Please post pictures when you get one or both.

    Meems - Sighing with relief is a lot better than the sighing I was doing earlier this year. It's a lot more fun too.

  9. NanaK, I am so glad you posted the plants that are popping up in your garden, I walk my garden every evening and check out each plant to see what is coming back from the dead. Janis

  10. Janis - I can't wait to see your garden back in full swing. Is Mr. Grumpy working on your new fence? I need some rose advice. If you could only have one climbing rose for an arbor which would you choose?

  11. I'm amazed you have pentas and cat's whiskers coming back, Kay! They were among the first I pulled out. Others got till today (allamanda, sad, they were 10 years old and huge; Irish petticoat, and blue butterfly.) One pink clerodendron (firespike?) is coming back from the roots, so I'm going to give it one more try.
    The pagoda clerodendron are absolutely fabulous if you have a sandy yard and a lot of sun. They just keep coming back and give great big red blooms nearly year-round.


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