Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sunny Blooms

Sunny garden areas at My Garden Path are very sparse but there are a few spots where sun loving plants grow and bloom.

The Tampa Vervain, Glandularia tampensis, which was purchased in February of this year is blooming non-stop.  The Sedum Florida Gold is showing some growth as well.

This little Bulbine frutescens was recently purchased and planted because of a post Ami at Southeast Florida Garden Evolvement wrote.  I think I flunked color placement by putting orange next to red, but I think the butterflies will like it.  That little plant is really only a portion of two plants I split apart to spread out in this area of the garden. 

This Bulbine, shown below,  is one of four I planted in February.  It was nipped by cold on the tips and it and its brothers have just been sitting there doing nothing.  So, I bought the ones that are now blooming to give these guys some competition.  Hopefully, now that I have some blooming Bulbine I can leave these alone long enough to let them recover if they will.  They appear to have a tighter clumping habit than my new ones and I wonder if they could be a different type of Bulbine.  If they ever get off the mark and grow and bloom it will be interesting to see if they have a different flower.  That's my butterfly magnet passionvine, Passiflora incarnata, in the background.  It dies to the ground every winter but returns every spring and soon takes over the trellis, the fence, and anything that stands still near it. 

At the beginning of February I planted my first two rose bushes.  This Knockout RADrazz is very small, I purchased it in a one gallon container, but it keeps up a steady stream of blooms. 
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Plants are growing, birds are singing, a few butterflies have flitted past along with one or two bees checking out the emerging flowers, My Garden Path is on a path of renewal. 


  1. NanaK: Thanks for the mention :) You are funny to buy more burbines to give some competition to the old ones! Let's see if it works. I know there is another kind which had all yellow blooms (no orange), wondering if your February purchase is that kind.

    I think I also have your Tampa Vervain (not sure if it is the same name). Mine has more purple/blue tone though. It started from cutting, and still in pots. They are so pretty.

    I love your knockout rose too. I heard it will grow to big size and easy to take care. Keep us posted. I may introduce some knock-out roses if I have more space later. Have a great day! Enjoy our beautiful weather!

  2. We've got the sun here at Peace in the Valley! Always looking for shade actually. It will come someday. I enjoyed looking at all your new flowers. I never worry about colors myself, just plug in stuff where I have an empty hole. Sometimes we get great combos, sometimes...not so much.

  3. There's nothing wrong with your red/orange color combo! Putting warm colors together is exciting and as you said invited hummingbirds!

  4. Ami - I am enjoying the beautiful weather. It seems that every day brings some new sprout or bloom in the garden.

    Floridagirl - I used to think nothing would grow in the shade, but I've learned differently. I now am quite happy to enjoy working in the shade on a hot summer day.

    RFG - If the artist that you are says I can combine red/orange then I'm going to stick with it proudly. Thanks for the postive feedback.

  5. truly is that time of the year. Thanks for sharing your progress so far. The colors work very well together, very nice and rich blend.

  6. BelleAq - Thanks for your comment. I visited your Typepad site and found it very interesting. I admire those with the talent for design.

  7. Kay,
    I'm sure your winter-tinged bulbine will be bursting forth with great growth soon if it hasn't already (since I'm late commenting to this post). They are so hardy and forgiving in just about any situation. I could tell you stories but I'll spare you. Suffice to say, it will do you proud before spring is over. All your sunny blooms are pretty... haven't ever tried the Tampa vervain but always have my eye on the look out for it.

    As far as your color combination~~ it is perfect for a Florida garden. I mix up my reds, yellows, oranges, purples and blues in every possible way. The butterflies will love you for it.

    Looking forward to seeing you again on Earth day.


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