Thursday, May 20, 2010

Butterfly Gardening

The sunny area just off the back porch has been dedicated to butterfly attracting plants and roses. 

Spires of salvia, rosettes of verbena and sweet smelling buds of roses and jasmine all mingle together in this spot.

The sun shines on beach daisy and passion vine.

Belinda's Dream is getting ready to pop!
(Have I mentioned how much I love this rose?)

Zinnias in both brights and pastels are growing between the roses.  Lavender spires of African blue basil grow beside a pot of orange-red geraniums. 

Bright, enticing colors and scents singing a siren song......

...luring in the just as colorful flying flowers.



  1. Wonderful monarch and gulf fritillary photos! Your butterfly garden is very bright and cheery. Looks like you're getting to do a lot of butterfly watching out there.

  2. Oh, how I love those butterflies photos! Your butterfly garden is really beautiful. No wonder those butterflies visit them!

    Your belinda's dream rose looks so healthy, and has so many buds at the same time. Please post more pictures when they all bloom. I love to see them!

    I also start seeing butterflies visiting my garden, only I don't have much luck to have them stay long enough for me to take pictures :)

  3. NanaK,
    Amen to Ah, Spring! And to butterflies. You've captured them beautifully. Theire appearance rewarding you for giving them the nectar and host plants they long for. That Belinda's Dream is really doing well for you. You are going to have all kinds of roses in a day or two.

  4. Hi Kay...May really is a great month for flowers,and your garden is looking absolutely lovely. So many hard-working perennials, and Belinda's Dream...WOW...she is really outdoing herself.

  5. NanaK, This is one of my favorite things in the garden to see are butterfly's. You did a great job taking the pictures. I am getting a little better. Janis

  6. Floridagirl - I'm enjoying learning how to use my camera better. It has been fun taking pictures of butterflies. I'm still working on being able to catch the birds at the feeder.

    Ami - The zinnias really bring in the butterflies. I am seeing more and more different kinds now but they don't all hold still for me:) Belinda's Dream is really making me smile these days.

    Meems - As more flowers are blooming I am seeing more butterflies. I'm enjoying learning to catch them with my camera. My poor passiflora vine has been eaten to the ground. I don't know if it will have a chance to grow like last year. As soon as it pops up a new leaf there are caterpillars all over it.

    Susan - May has been a good month for the garden. I am still seeing new life in some plants I thought were goners. It's amazing.

    Janis - I am enjoying sitting on my backporch and watching all the butterflies, dragonflies, bees and birds. The only thing better would be to observe them from a lovely garden swing like yours.

  7. NanaK, That is sweet of you to say.Have a great week. Janis


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