Tuesday, May 25, 2010

My Favorites For May

Simply Susan posts her favorites from her garden each month on the 25th of the month.  I'm joining in and posting my own faves from My Garden Path. 

Of course, my lovely rose, Belinda's Dream leads the way with her most prolific flush of blooms yet.  The peace lilies, both variegated and regular are blooming constantly.  The new gardenia tree planted in the new front entry garden has been providing wonderful scented blooms all month.

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The caladiums FINALLY have unfurled their colorful leaves this month.  I was starting to be concerned but they haven't disappointed.  They provide so much color and interest to all the shady gardens here I really count on them each year. 

I look forward to seeing what's new and wonderful in your gardens this May. 


  1. Nana ~ I love your May beauties. How wonderful it must be to walk around your haven.


  2. Hi Kay...Thanks so much for joining in again this month. Your Belinda's Dream is looking spectacular...I can't wait for mine to grow up. And that var. peace lily is wonderful for a shady spot...can't say I've ever seen one of them for sale. I'm coveting that beauty! Ahh, caladiums...they have to be one of the top 5 plants for summer color in Florida...so easy and so beautiful. We'll see how our flowers fare next month in the June heat.

  3. Kay: Love, love your Belinda's Dream! Looks like it is real happy in its location. Did you put it in a full sun location, or partial sun? I did not know gardenia has tree type. Mine is a bush. Yours looks very pretty, and I almost can feel the scent in the air.

    My caladiums are also popping up. Yours look so cheerful! This is my first year to try them, should have bought more :)

  4. Oh, so glad to see someone else growing peace lilies! Aren't they great for shade gardens? I love that variegated one! Is that 'Domino'? Your caladiums are gorgeous! Definitely an all-time Florida favorite of mine. And that Belinda's Dream...I'm still keeping an eye on your blog to see how that holds up. It looks great so far, and I know you're not one to spray. If I ever see one in a nursery, it's comin' home with me.

  5. I can't wait til my peace lilies bloom too! They made it through winter so I'm not too picky though. We have caladiums that remarkably show up each year in the swamp. They were thrown out years ago and still come back!

  6. Hey, Kay! Lovely May blooms! I'm jealous of your Gardenia. I've tried it twice and it burned both times. I'm nervous to try it again, but am sure I will at some point. Beautiful!

  7. FlowerLady - Thank you for your kind words.

    Susan - I have had the variegated peace lily since last summer. I had them in pots on the back porch. They seemed to have more cold damage than the all green ones I have planted in the ground. I'm hoping that this winter first of all, will be less severe and secondly that the peace lilies will be hardier in the ground than in the pot. Maybe later in the season I can divide some and share:)

    Ami - The Belinda's Dream gets full morning sun for about 7 hours. In the afternoon she is shaded by my back porch. The gardenia is a shrub that has been trained into a tree. I had a buy one get one free coupon and my daughter and I each got one. Hopefully, it will do well.

    Floridagirl - I love peace lilies and have them in many places around my shady garden. I saw your giant one on your blog and now I'm looking for one of those!

    RFG - I love any plant that comes through winter and the peace lilies did really well here. Caladiums are just so easy to add a few each year.

    Kimberly - I'm a little nervous about the gardenia too. I too, have tried and failed before. But, I wasn't amending the soil back then and I hope that will make a big difference this time.


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