Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Progression of an Idea

This past December my daughter took me to a pottery and garden decor shop so I could pick out a birthday gift.  Among several pots she bought for me that day was one that was perfect for planting a succulent garden.

The other day, while browsing through the Home Depot which is a little too conveniently located at less than a quarter mile from me, I discovered an instant succulent garden. Called Classic Creations this container of nine different plants came with a planting diagram to follow.  How easy can it get?

Today, I went onto the back porch, turned both ceiling fans on high speed and potted up my new succulent garden. The eastern exposure on the porch gives about 4 hours of morning sun before giving way to filtered light for the rest of the day. I'm hoping these plants will thrive there.

Sometimes it takes me awhile to turn ideas into reality.


  1. Wow, what a lovely succulent garden that you created yourself. Sometimes good things take time before they to come to be.

    Enjoy ~ FlowerLady

  2. Great looking container...very nice choice. It's perfect for a succulent garden. I give you credit for even wanting to go outside and pot up plants...even with two ceiling fans running. Your new plantings look fabulous. Enjoy them!

  3. That is a real beautiful container, and even more beautiful since it came from your daughter! Those succulents look very pretty in that container, nice combination of texture and the color. Keep us updated with the progress. I am also looking for some big shallow container for my now-scattered-around succulent plants. Great pictures as well!

  4. Hi NanaK,
    Isn't it fun to put the whole idea together and enjoy the results! You are going to enjoy the easy care of the succulents. I'm trying really hard not to get too hooked on them... I tend to over-do when once I'm attached to a certain type of plant. They really are grabbing my attention these days though.

  5. Love your succulent collection, Kay. And is the rose at the top of the page what I got a cutting of at the cutting exchange? It's wonderful. I can't wait until mine is as big and lush as yours. I'm excited. It is blooming now and such a cute addition to the garden. Thank you!

  6. FlowerLady - Good things do take time. I need to remember this in other areas of life in addition to gardening. Thanks for stopping by.

    Simply Susan - Yes, I question my sanity for being outside in this heat, but it was my first free day of summer with no grandbabies. I love the grands but one or two days a week is good for me!

    Ami - I haven't been interested in succulents so much until I looked at some photos on-line of some spectacular displays. Well, now I'm very interested. There are probably lots you can even grow in-ground through winter in your zone. I'm going to keep mine on the porch for now.

    Meems - There always seems to be something new to "collect" in gardening. That's what keeps it interesting I suppose. But, I really need to learn to focus a little more. Maybe not. :)

    Susan - Yes, that rose is rosa 'red cascade,' a miniature climbing rose. It really takes off once it's happy and blooms off and on spring through fall. It's an old garden rose that is passed along here in Florida quite a lot. Glad to hear yours is doing well.

  7. NanaK-I'm the same way.Full of a million ideas,but not so much motivation.But when I get on a roll,stand back!
    I've been growing more and more succulents lately.They do so well in containers.

  8. I’m kind of envious of your pot right there, as well as the plants on it. Seeing ‘em makes me want to well… uhh… renovate my garden a little bit. I want to put some pots too. But unfortunately, I have no space left here in my apartment garden. Heheh! And oh, by the way, keeping our potted plants for a long period is attainable as long as the dirt stays in and the water drains out. =)

  9. I visited Classic Creations site and, boy they do have impressive succulent gardens. I suddenly wanted to create my own after seeing those breathtaking samples. Your succulent garden looks very petite and very awesome! I’m assuming it’s not your first time as it looks really, really attractive. Good job! By the way, your daughter is so sweet for buying you those presents. :D

    Elizaveta Kramer


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