Sunday, June 13, 2010

It's Hot In The Garden Today!

Everybody is feeling the heat of summer in the garden today. 

It's no wonder with these flaming orange zinnia blooms popping up all over.

This orange-on-orange combination of Gulf Fritillary butterfly on Mexican sunflower, tithonia rotundiflora, is scorching hot.

The bees are working the fiery orange flame vine, Senecio confusus, blooms.

It's even hot in the shady garden with these glowing 'orange marmalade', Crossandra infundibuliformis, flowers.

I never noticed that there are so many orange colored blossoms along My Garden Path.  I welcome them all to keep adding to the heat in my summer garden.


  1. Nana ~ Those are great pictures. I really love the one of the squirrel. He looks totally wasted from the heat. Your orange blooms are lovely and not bothered at all.

    Have a nice day today and a great week.


  2. NanaK: Love your new header picture and the new design! Are those Rosa Radrazz Knockout? I started to like the knockout more and more, and I think I will get one for my garden too.

    Those are very hot pictures! Red and Orange really pops up in any garden area. Do you put 'orange marmalade' in the shady garden? Mine is in a container in full sun area, and seems they are doing fine. I guess it can adjust to both sun and shade areas.

  3. NanaK,
    That squirrel photo is just too funny. When the squirrels take a rest from their mischief you know something is wrong. I guess we best get used to it... summer is surely here early. See why I didn't complain about all that glorious cold weather we had!

    Love all your hot colors making your garden path light up along the way.

    Oh, and I like your 'New Look' here, too. I need to explore some of those new templates Google is offering.

  4. Your Mexican Sunflowers are one of my summertime favorites. They are my best butterfly attracter plant for me here and love the heat. However the Zinnia's are a close second. No disease or bug marks on the leaves. Do you have a Zinnia secret?

  5. NanaK, Hot day and hot garden colors!Your pictures really are looking great. Janis

  6. Love the reds and oranges! Two of my favorite colors. That squirrel picture is so cute. He looks like I've felt these last few days. Also love that photo of the gulf fritillary on the Mexican sunflower. Perfect match! I often think the orange butterflies clash horribly with pink and red blooms and wish they would just flit over to an orange or white bloom for a photo.

  7. Great fire-orange colors in your garden to go along with the heatwave. Zinnias are a great summer many pretty varieties. The squirrel photo is really adorable...I can feel his pain. :-)

  8. FlowerLady - I only wish the squirrels would be lazy like that more often. They are a little too energetic about stealing from the bird feeders most of the time.

    Hope your week is going well.

    Ami - I answered your rose question on your blog comments in case you haven't read it yet.

    That orange marmalade is a reliable bloomer and returner from winter in my shade. Nice to know it can take sun, not that I have room for it in my small sunny area:) But, perhaps I could put it in my daughter's garden.

    Meems - Oh yes. I definitely see why you weren't complaining about the cold. I promise to be more philosophical about the weather. Maybe.

    As a new blogger I have been having to learn so much and don't really feel settled in yet. The new templates are fun to play around with and I like the fact the preview feature is much more user friendly.

    sanddune - This is my first experience with the Mexican sunflowers. So far, I love them and so do the butterflies. My zinnia secret? Camera angle:)

    Janis - Thanks for stopping by. It is very hot and we need rain don't we? I bet you are enjoying your dappled shade in the backyard just as I enjoy mine. Right now the only places I'm weeding are in the shade!

    Floridagirl - Hot colors are new for me. I've always been a pastel girl. But, the brighter colors are just FUN. You are so funny about the butterflies not cooperating for their photo ops. I have to admit my artistic eye is lacking. I usually only notice things like backgrounds AFTER the picture is taken.

    Susan - Four years ago when I first started planting in the backyard, zinnias were my best success. LOL. My children thought I was the greatest gardener. They do give a lot of color and attract all the butterflies and are so easy. They will always have a spot in my summer garden.

  9. Kay, your squirel is priceless!! It HAS been hot. Your orange marmalade is on my wish list. I really love this plant.
    Stay in the shade!


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