Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Let's Hear It For Garden Volunteers!

Less than a month ago, I was walking around the butterfly garden when I noticed a volunteer seedling. Since I keep a bird feeder in this area I thought it must be from a stray sunflower seed.

Within two weeks this seedling had shot up to 5 feet tall and was already covered in buds.

Four days later.....

I've never had a sunflower with more than one big flower at the top.  This was a special treat to find multiple blooms and branches.  Usually the birdseed sunflowers are much smaller. 

Bee - u - ti - ful !


  1. NanaK,
    That is SO fun. It's nice when a seed is dropped in the right place that you actually like and would have planted yourself. That is a very nice sunflower with all those flowers on one bush. You are going to get much enjoyment from them and so are all the insects and the birds. It's a win-win volunteer!

  2. That is a very sweet treat indeed! It is amazing a volunteer seed can grow that big, and put on a fantastic show!

  3. Hi, NanaK! Such a beautiful, summery plant! Love that giant sunshine. The only sunflowers I ever have are also volunteers. I too watch for those "special weeds." I have never had one with that many blooms, though. Awesome!

  4. You lucky duck! The squirrels eat my sunflowers before I can enjoy them..thanks for the ID on the plant, you were right!!

  5. I have the exact same volunteer by my birdfeeder, Kay! I hope you get some seeds to save. These sunflowers are so much more gratifying than the one-bloom-wonders.

  6. Sunflowers are one of my favorites. How neat that your volunteer has so many off shoots with flowers. I would definately collect some of the seeds to see if you could grow more.

  7. That is a real beaut! I can never grow sunflowers from seeds I plant, only those that the birds plant. Enjoy your unique sunflower.

  8. How fortunate and pretty! I tried to grow some from seed but they really floundered...not sure what happened.

  9. Meems - You are so right about the insects enjoying them! I have never seen so many bees, and other buzzy bugs.

    Ami - Thanks for stopping by to enjoy my sunflower. You are right, it has been a treat to observe it's growth this far.

    Floridagirl - 'Special weeds,' I like that moniker. It really is like giant sunshine.

    Darla - Oh boy, I have millions of squirrels in my oaks. I hope they leave me some seeds. I'm glad my ID of your plant was right on. I don't grow that one but have admired it in others' gardens.

    Penny - You have the same volunteer? How neat is that! I wonder if it is a special sunflower seed or a fluke? I'm going to try to save some seeds. Let me know if you are able to do so.

    sanddune - I'm definitely going to try to collect seeds. I love sunflowers and thought the grands would too, but they're afraid of all the bees :)

    Susan & Kimberly - I have to admit that I have tried to grow sunflowers before too and failed. All the more amazing that this one just showed up!


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