Friday, June 4, 2010

Just Before Sunset

When the sun gets low in the western sky, the light cuts across the backyard and glows through the foliage.

The tropical leaves of bananas, cannas, gingers and cyperus are a bright reflection of the sunlight's last rays.

Even the common Purple Queen becomes a translucent beauty in this magic light.

The bog area which is usually pretty non-descript becomes a bright beauty. 

The last shadows play against the back fence and then the day is done.

(Just finished weeding and mulching this area along the back fence and wanted someone to see it before the weeds grew back.)


  1. Gorgeous pictures! Love those light shining through the leaves. The purple queen usually looks dull in the picture, but yours looks so beautiful! Also I noticed your pictures look a little different from before, did you get a new camera? :)

  2. Heeheehee...I will probably photograph my weeded beds also if I ever get them weeded! Don't you love that freshly mulched look?!

    Seriously, love all your tropicals and your bog garden. These are all pretty pics.

  3. I'm loving the purple heart photo! Its so rewarding to find beauty in the "common" plants every now and then.

  4. Don't you just love the way the sunlight changes the look of the garden during the day?my favorite is the early morning.
    Love your photos!

  5. Hi NanaK,
    I have been taking so many photos of the morning and evening light on the garden. Don't you just love how everything changes with each phase of the day! I love that feeling of noticing, loving it and appreciating it all at once. Very peaceful place ---the garden.

    Your leaves look gorgeous all lit up with the western sunlight and the shadows reflecting the beauty of that freshly weeded bed. I know what that's like. Hurry! take the photo before another one pops up. It happens so fast.

  6. I really like your Banana plant. It gives the area a tropical look. What kind do you grow?

  7. Ami - Yes, I did get a new camera :) thanks for noticing. It's just a little step up from my old one but with a beter zoom.

    Floridagirl - After a day's work in the garden it is nice to sit back and enjoy a bit. There is always so much to do!

    RFG - I have a lot of "common" plants in my garden which I have come to appreciate more after this winter.

    ChrisC - Thanks for stopping by. I love early morning in the garden as well. That's my little quiet time to walk around and check on things.

    Meems - Sometimes the weeds seem to take over and it is always nice to see them cleaned out and the plants shown to their best advantage. But, as you say, it doesn't last long.

    I do enjoy just looking at my garden sometimes instead of always working in it. But, I actually enjoy the work too.

    sanddune - I planted 3 bananas last spring: Ice Cream, Dwarf Cavendish, and Grand Nain x Sumatrana. No bananas on any of them and they were killed to the ground in the freeze. They have all come back from pups and look great. I planted a new one Raja Puri this spring. I would love to get bananas, but if I never do I still love the look of the leaves.

  8. A weedless AND lubberless bed is a thing of beauty, Kay! Thanks for sharing -- maybe I'll be inspired to get out there and pull some weeds. (Hmmm, maybe not.)
    Love the photo of the shadows. I hadn't noticed the shadows in my garden, but I'll be on the lookout now.

  9. your comment about photographing the garden just after you finished weeding, before they grow back. So true!

    Was glad to see FloridaGirl make a comment so we all know that all is well with her.

    Something about this time of year that makes you want to take pictures of everything. Thank goodness we have digital cameras now. Can you imagine having to buy film?


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