Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Quick Trip to Venice

While it doesn't have foreign flair, Venice, Florida is a wonderful place to visit.  My husband flew me there for our wedding anniversary celebration this weekend. 

The beautiful blue water and white sand are a short walk from the airport.

There is a restaurant by the pier that serves delicious, fresh grouper sandwiches and giant onion rings. 

For this Florida girl, it was the perfect way to celebrate our special day.

Gardening will be resumed shortly.


  1. Happy Anniversary! What an exciting trip that must have been. Sounds so romantic. Your photos are wonderful, by the way. Makes me want to go to the beach. I would have to drive, though.

  2. Looks like a cool way to spend the day at the beach. My son and I have flown down to the Keys before for one of those "hundred dollar hamburger trips". Great fun! Happy Anniversary

  3. What a sweet gift from your husband for your anniverary! Happy Anniversary! Were you taking the picture from the airplane? They are all very beautiful. The beach is so clean. I love the white sand beach. With the clear blue sky, it looks like paradise!

    Love your new head picture! What kind of butterfly is that?

  4. Wow, Kay, how romantic can it get!!! Flying to Venice from Riverview! Do tell... is husband the pilot?

    Those views are SO breathtaking! Makes me want to hop in the car (or plane if I had one) and get to those crystal blue waters and white sand right now. There just isn't any place on the planet like our Gulf Coast!!! (There's a really great garden center in Venice BTW~ but too far from the sandy shores to include in an anniversary weekend).

    Happy, happy anniversary... and thanks for the great example of long-lasting marriage.

  5. Floridagirl - It was a lot of fun. We are only a 45 minute drive to one of the best on the Gulf Coast - Anna Maria. Venice is a 40 minute plane ride. Hope you get to your favorite beach soon.

    Sanddune - You fly too? About the only way my husband gets me to go with him is to promise me food :) So, yeah, it was $100 grouper sandwich.

    Ami - The first and last photos were from the plane. The window was not the clearest but they came out pretty good I think. The others were while enjoying the beach first hand.

    That is an American Lady butterfly. The difference between her and a Painted Lady is the white dot in the orange band on her wing. The topside of these butterflies looks remarkably like a Gulf Fritillary. I really never noticed this type before I got camera happy;)

    Meems - Yes, hubby is the pilot. Sometimes we have taken a taxi or used a courtesy car from the airport to get to such places as a garden center:) But, obviously there is limited room to bring back treasures. We tried to go to the Lake Placid caladium festival last summer but thunderstorms grounded us. Maybe this year. I think I could fit a lot of caladium bulbs in the back.

  6. Wow, Kay...that is really cool. What a great way to travel, and how romantic of your husband. Venice is a beautiful place and your shots from the plane are great. I'm sure you had a wonderful trip. I look forward to seeing where you'll go next.

  7. Glad you visited my part of FL. Used to live in Venice, then moved to Sarasota. Love the area!!! Moved away for 4 years to NC (work related). Couldn't wait to get back! Love gardening here.

  8. SiestaSister - Thanks for visiting and commenting here at My Garden Path. I think the beaches from Bradenton on south are just the best in Florida. I sure hope they stay that way. The oil disaster is very distressing to me. I have lots of beach trips planned this summer. I make quick day trips to Anna Maria Island quite often.


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