Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Growing in the Rain

It was mid-May when a new entry-way garden was started.  All the rain we have been getting this week has enlivened the new plantings.  After a very dry time this past month, rain has fallen every day for the last week.  It has been gentle and just the perfect thing for plants and gardens. 

The pink impatiens are bordering the new pathway using the pot-in-pot method.  When these flowers need to be protected from cold weather, I can just pop them out of the ground still in their pots and replace them with new pots of  annuals that will be more cold hardy.
Lots of caladium bulbs were planted to border the area and to add color in front of the azaleas when they are not blooming.  The red ones with the freckles are Red Flash and the white ones are White Christmas.
Four Mona Lavender plants were placed within the caladiums fronting the azaleas.  This past winter, Mona Lavender planted in the back garden made it through the record-breaking cold just fine.  The hope is these will be able to hold the area after the caladiums go to sleep for the winter.

The little gardenia tree hasn't bloomed again but it is putting out new leaves and seems happy in its spot.
To the right of the driveway huge azaleas and yellow walking iris have been spruced up a bit with a new border of liriope and caladiums.  These caladiums are Frieda Hemple. 

Earlier this spring I found boxes of caladium bulbs for sale at one of the warehouse clubs.  I just love going food shopping and coming home with something for the garden.
In fact, I was able to buy three native coonties at my local produce stand.  Food and garden shopping all in one spot is my new favorite way to shop. 
The area to the right of my front door was looking a little plain and left out of all the new plantings, so I planted the three new coonties and some pale pink pentas in front of the existing virburnum hedge.  Of course, I had already spread some caladium bulbs this spring .  The caladiums add some color to the existing liriope border. 

The rain has helped the struggling grass look better so for now there will be a small area of grass left.  But, I do have more grass elimination plans to be implemented when cooler weather comes along. 


  1. Your caladiums are looking beautiful! Aren't they the best thing about Florida summers? Love them! And yay for grass elimination! Coonties and pentas are great choices, and I see a pretty aechmea brom in there as well, though you didn't mention it.

  2. Your "bargain" caladiums are adding lots of wonderful color to your frontyard entrance. You just can't beat these plants for shady spots. I bet you got a great price on those coonties. They can be kinda pricey at the nursery center. It's such a good feeling when a landscape project turns out as well as yours.

  3. Love your caladiums. I have one lone one growing in among ferns, aloe and some other things. Your entryway looks very inviting.


  4. Your Caladiums really make the area colorfull. I like the Red Flash ones. You did a great job with the ex-lawn.The money you save in not having to resod all the time can now finance new plants. Nice!

  5. I have some serious love going on for all your caladiums.The entryway is coming together great!
    I,too,love finding a plant bargain while grocery shopping.

  6. Floridagirl - I am loving the caladiums this summer. I have had a few here and there in the past, but this year I've gone a little crazy with them. You've a good eye spotting that brom. I have a few in between the oaks that are doing well this year. I love broms and am always looking for more.

    Susan - Yes, the coonties were a very good price and such an unexpected find. I had to explain all that to hubby as he really didn't understand why he was loading plants into the back of the truck along with the watermelon and tomatoes :)

    Flowerlady - I love when the caladiums come back in the spring and they intermingle with other plantings. Usually this happens because I forget where they are during the winter and move things on top of them.

    sanddune - I'm glad you understand the financial savings I'm accomplishing. I think the money I'm spending on plants doesn't count really because I'm saving on grass upkeep - right?

    ChrisC - Thanks for your kind compliments. Plant bargains are the best. For me, a shoe sale runs a close 2nd.

  7. what a lovely entryway - I'd enjoy a slow stroll to your door anyday!

  8. Such a big undertaking to replace a front yard! I was overwhelmed with choices when the freeze took out so many plants in my back garden. It was exciting to try new combos, but, Aigh!, I made so many mistakes! For one, I thought the orange cosmos would grow 2-3 feet tall. They were border plants -- and they're taller than me!
    It looks like you really thought out your groups well because everything looks beautiful. I love that you used the pot-in-pot. And when my trees grow up, I, too, will have lots of caladiums.


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