Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Back From Jail.....Plant Sale

The Hillsborough County Jail has a horticulture program that holds a plant sale about once a quarter.  This is a place to get some real bargains.  Any plant in a 1 gallon pot costs $1, a 3 gallon pot costs $3, and I think the biggest pot they have is a 5 gallon or $5 pot.  I love this sale. 

I have no idea of the name for this plant.  Anyone know?  It was a $1 plant that has lovely red stems and red leaves on the new growth.  I haven't seen any flowers yet. 

This is a spinach tree, Cnidoscolus aconitifolius, which will have butterfly attracting blooms.  Another $1 purchase. 

This Coral Honeysuckle, Lonicera sempervirens,  is a native and something I've been wanting for the back fence.  Another $1 spent. 

Yet another $1 went for this baby Cardboard Palm, Zamia furfuracea. This was grown from seed. I know these are slow growing so the grandchildren may have to finish tending this one.

The all green Jewels of Opar, Talinum paniculatum, cost me another $1 and is waiting for me to plant it along with some variegated ones I purchased for more than $1 at Home Depot.

All together $5 spent and I am a happy gardener with new plants! If you are in the Hillsborough County area watch the paper for the sale notice and get there right when they open at 8:00 AM. This sale is like Macy's on Black Friday. The officers line the customers up behind a starting line and then at 8:00 AM sharp they let us go into the plant area. People grab and start a plant pile. The smart ones have a partner or two and work as a team. It's all fun and there were no arguments that I witnessed. We were all gardeners after all and gardeners are pretty nice folks. 

Some of the inmates in the program and Master Gardeners from the Extension Office were on hand to answer questions.  Someone did tell me the name of that first plant I showed you but well....I forgot what they told me.   The program is a great way for some of the inmates to learn a skill they can use when they are released.  They can always use empty pots, any soil or fertilizer donations or anything garden related.  Helping a great program and getting a great bargain made a great Friday morning for me.


  1. The jail sale looks like great fun! I can't tell for sure what your mystery plant is. Maybe Amaranthus? You may just have to wait until it blooms, but the foliage is a nice color in the meantime!

  2. I can see why you like this sale. Great plants for bargain prices. You identified a plant I got from a neighbor, but never knew the name of..Spinach tree. Yippee! Mine freezes back every year but returns in spring and grows to a good size, and bloom nicely. My flowers are white...I can't wait to see if yours are the same. It's so fun to find a "real bargain." Sounds like a great program!

  3. Looks like you got some nice plants for a good price. If you save the containers they will make good pots to start more of your favorite plants in. I like it.

  4. Hello! I'm new to blogging and I just started my own garden blog. I live in south Louisiana. I'm very impressed with all your butterfly pics! I find they are so difficult to photograph because they move so fast. I look forward to more of your posts! Here's my blog


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