Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Favorites.....This Month

I can't believe it is the 25th of July already and time to share my favorites for this month from the garden.  Simply Susan invites bloggers to share what has done well in their gardens each month.  

The Cannas and the Zinnias have been continuously blooming since June.  The little white Rose I received on Mother's Day keeps pumping out flushes of blooms as well.  The Blackberry Lily is a first time addition to my garden and this month it has bloomed for the first time.  It grows in fan shaped clusters that stand about 2 feet tall.  I'm really enjoying this plant's foliage even when it isn't in bloom.  Brazilian Plume is a shade lover that I have had for about 4 years when the backyard garden first was planted.  Winters always see the foliage nipped back but this past winter these plants were taken down to ground level.  They are only about 6-8 inches high but started putting forth blooms just this month.  Usually these are shrubs that are about 2 feet tall and just as wide.  I hope they keep growing and get some size to them again.  They are a little lost in the background of the shade garden right now. 

Another plant doing really well in the garden this July is the Bulbine I planted in early Spring.  It took some time before it began blooming but now it is in constant bloom.  This month I noticed the clumps have become fuller as well.  The Beach Daisy I planted last year.   It struggled through the winter but now  is taking over it's flower bed.  The Butterfly Bush is blooming and perfuming the air drawing in the butterflies just as advertised.  I have never been successful in keeping one of these through the winter.  Maybe this will be the year.  Pinecone Ginger was added to the shade garden this past fall but never produced any pinecones.  This month the cones sprouted up and I can't wait to see them turn red.  A friend of mine uses the red pinecones in flower arrangements in the fall and I want to be a copycat this year. 

Don't forget to stop by Simply Susan's blog to see what her favorites are this month as well as link up with other bloggers to see their July garden favorites. 


  1. NanaK ~ You have some wonderful bloomers. I look forward to seeing your pinecone ginger blooms. I tried growing bulbine from seeds, no success. I love the blackberry lily too and it's my first year for growing it as well, grown from seed.

    Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.


  2. NanaK: You have so many new blooms this month! I especially love that brazilian plume and the blackberry lily. First time saw them, very pretty! Glad to see your bulbine is thriving! Sounds like very soon you are able to divide your bulbine to multiple ones. It is fun to get more plants from the existing ones :)

  3. Ooh, I've always been a fan of the pinecone gingers, and mine haven't bloomed yet. Hopefully they will this year!

  4. Hi Kay...You've got some great choices this month. I'm glad to hear the blackberry lily is performing well for you. It is a neat little plant. I really, really love that little white rose. It is so simple and sweet. My Brazilian plumes are very short this year, too. I forgot about them and the beach sunflower...they may be some of my favorites for August. :-)

  5. I like that Pinecone Ginger.I need to get some for my shade garden.I like the Blackberry Lily too.

  6. FlowerLady - I think most of the Bulbine sold commercially is sterile so that's probably why the seed didn't sprout. I'm glad to hear about your success with the Blackberry Lily though. I would love to propagate more of that.

    Ami - I'm loving my Bulbine now. It's funny but when I see the blooms I always think of you and your picture with the bee in it. I love that picture.

    RFG - The Pinecone Ginger is blooming for me for the first time this year and I hope the same happens with yours. Mine seem to like the wet area I have in the backyard. Do you have yours planted in your boggy area?

    Susan - Maybe by August our Brazilian plumes will be taller and show up better. I'm really enjoying the Blackberry Lily and hope that it will spread for me. It's hard to believe any plant can do well in this heat.

    ChrisC - The Pinecone Ginger does love the shade and it can take wet ground too though it does fine in average moisture as well. It would look great in your shade garden.

  7. Lovely favorites this month, NanaK. I just added my own blackberry lily also this month and am loving it! I agree, the foliage is beautiful, and mine has also just popped into bloom. I've not had to add any extra water, though. I've always heard the butterfly bushes will not survive here, because we don't have enough winter cold or something. I have seen a lot for sale in the garden centers the last couple years, though, so please keep us posted. I have often been tempted to buy one. I grew these in Atlanta, and they are quite beautiful.

  8. Floridagirl - Maybe it's the extended heat that does in the butterfly bushes. I always thought it was winter. But come to think of it, they have always been scraggly before the cold hit. So maybe they were already on their way out. Or maybe I haven't been patient enough to let them come back in the spring. Anyway, I'll pay more attention to this one.

  9. I will be on the lookout for blackberry lily, because you and everyone else is loving it. Thank you!
    I planted butterfly bush (buddleia) in the spring and it's blooming but very unhappy about the heat. I thought he was going to be a tough guy! He's wilted almost every evening if there's no rain, with lots of discolored leaves. He's big, so hard to ignore. I'm sorry, but the leading men in my garden have got to be Brad Pitt! And if he can't do winter either? He'll be gone!


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