Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Plants Needing TLC

My Garden Path fared pretty well during my recent absence but there were a few unhappy plants upon my return.  Don't get me started on all the weeds that tried to take over.  The past few mornings have been spent coddling the neglected and ripping out the unwanted. 

The little gardenia tree that I so recently described as "happy" came down with mealybugs or aphids or something.  Immediately, I thought of sanddune's 'bug juice'  but, since I didn't have all the ingredients he uses I settled for grating up some Kirk's castille soap and dissolving it in water.  After placing in a spray bottle I went out to combat the mealybugs or whatever.
I have used this concoction before quite successfully.  Repeated applications are needed so I will have to be vigilant. 
This baby Australian Tree Fern just wasn't ready to be on its own without me checking on its water needs.  Hopefully, now that regular waterings are being given to it, all will be well.  There were a few other crispy looking plants around the garden but they are more established and should recover now that NanaK is back home to water them.   

Now, I want to leave you with a smile.


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  2. NanaK: Now I am back, and I totally knew what you meant weeds taking over the garden :) My gardenia bush often has those tiny white/greenish bugs underneath the leaves, I found using the hose spray head (in center setting) worked quite well. The water just flush those "whatever" away. As matter of fact, this is what I did today on my gardenia bush. I am not sure if it is the same thing that you have on your gardenia tree. My jatropha tree often has some white sticky stuff on it (looks like the same as what you show in the picture), for that I had to cut off those infected pieces, and water spray them also. I am a little lazy to use the solution to spray :) But if my lazy way does not work any more, then I will remember to try your way.

  3. Hi NanaK ~ Weeds take over even when I don't go anywhere. I was out yesterday morning pulling up weeds and grass from my main garden. What a hot, sweaty job.

    I sure am looking forward to cooler weather, and sure wish we'd get some rain. We need it.

    Enjoy your day and don't work outside too hard or too long.


  4. The hardest part of returning from vacation(aside from the returning to reality part)is facing the weeds,and restoring order to the garden.I'm still playing catch-up from just our little 5 day trip.
    Love the shot of the zebra.I have only had a few of those this year.

  5. Thanks for the smile...smiles make my day! I have those same pesky little bugs all over my Turk's caps all of a sudden. It's (not so) funny how some bugs can take over a plant within a short period of time. Hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable time on your vacation. It's always so relaxing to spend time at the beach.

  6. Beautiful zebra longwing! They do always bring a smile to my face. My tree ferns needed much watering the first year, but no extra water is necessary once they're established.

  7. It's so hard to relax and "vacate" when you don't know if you're plants are shriveling up! It's well worth it to me to give a kid $25 to water. I tell him, "If it rains, you don't have to water but I pay you anyway." (Poor kid, it hasn't rained yet for him.) I also give him 50 cents per dead lubber.
    Ami, that white goopy stuff on your jatropha is probably from scale. When you cut off the affected bits, put them in a plastic bag and put it in the garbage -- it's contagious. Wash your clippers with some bleach when you're done.
    You can also scrub the bush with a rag and a bucket of soapy water. If it gets really bad, horticultural oil (safe stuff) really works well.

  8. Steve - I'll be checking out your blog soon.

    Ami - Welcome back. Pictures please? I think regular watering will help all issues in my yard. Hope you found your garden doing well upon your return.

    Flowerlady - Hope you get some rain from the tropical depression passing by your area. No high winds or torrential downpours wished on you though.

    I have been working outside for only an hour or two at the most in the AM. It's slow going but the only way to survive the heat.

    ChrisC - I haven't had many ZLWs either. Last year there were lots. That's why that one made me smile.

    Susan - There is always something going on in a garden. Staying on top of the bad things (pests)and enjoying the good ones (butterflies)are all part of it.

    Floridagirl - I love how the ZLW float as they fly but I haven't had very many this year. This year I have lots of Gulf Frits and Swallowtails.

    I'm glad to hear that my treefern will be less thirsty once established. I'm always bad about watering until established - lazy I guess.

    Penny - The front yard sprinkler system was supposed to be turned on for our time away. It was overlooked. I keep it turned off as long as I have rainwater to haul around. The backyard is a rainwater and hose dragging zone so, the neighbor idea could work there. I only have one area that is not drought tolerant back there.

  9. Kay, I salute you for hauling around the rainwater! I just have to go the lazy route and do the hose dance when it's so hot. I really need to figure out a way to turn my rain barrels into a micro-irrigation system. Wouldn't that be great?


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