Friday, August 20, 2010

In The Pink

Pink is my favorite color.....

.....from a barely there baby pink like on Sunshine Mimosa, Mimosa strigillosa,
used as a groundcover in the butterfly garden.....  a little deeper pink on these stems of Alocasia 'Aurora'.

Of course, I think Rosa, Belinda's Dream has the perfect shade of pink!

The fuzzy and soft blooms of the Dwarf Chenille plant, Acalypha reptans, are a dark pink
The grandkids love to "pet" these flowers. 

This Angel Wing Begonia, Begonia coccinea, is a very subtle shade of pink.

Labeled as cranberry, this Pentas lanceolata sure looks pink to me.

My favorite Caladium 'Carolyn Wharton' is covered in pink.

"In the pink," is an idiom meaning "at the peak of health." 
I sincerely hope that this day finds both you and your garden IN THE PINK!


  1. You have some lovely pinks in your gardens. My favorites are the chenile and the begonias.

    Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Kay,
    Thank you for the well wishes. All you pinks are pretty collected together. Especially like the Belinda's Dream and begonias... actually all of them are great choices for a Florida garden.

    Looking at your pretty photos today I think I might have more pink in my garden than I've paid attention to lately.

  3. NanaK: Love all your pinks and thanks for your good wish. Same wish to you! My Dwarf Chenille also grows very well under the sago palm. Very "petable" flowers! :)

    Any idean where I can find that Belinda's Dream? Love, love it!

  4. FlowerLady - Thanks! I just added those plants this year and I am enjoying them both and they seem to like it in my garden. Hope I can over-winter them.

    Meems - I was surprised just how much pink I had. Even though pink is my favorite color, I don't really look for pink flowers to plant.

    Ami - Are these near you?

    Stone's Rose Nursery
    11020 SW 57th St
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33328
    954-252-6764 fax

    Holland Garden
    1035 SE 17th St
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33316

    They carry the Nelson's Roses which is what my Belinda is on Fortuniana rootstock. If those are not near you, try looking on this page:

  5. We're in the pink here today (as always)! Glad to see you are too.Love that color! It's the best garden color there is, I think. Your Belinda's Dream is so healthy looking. I'm still hoping to find one someday.

  6. Love pink in the garden!And your Belinda's Dream is stunning!

  7. Hi Kay...I'm definitely "in the pink" today. Those pink stems on the alocasia are super pretty. I love pink, too!

  8. I like those alocasias! Are they hardy where you live?

  9. Your garden is "in the pink!" Lovely. The fritillary photo in the banner is gorgeous.

  10. Nothing beats a pink rose! Lovely photos, Nana.

  11. Oh, I love pink too and like to pair it with blue flowers. I love the flowers of your Angel Wing Begonia :-)


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