Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Color of Pumpkins

Even though no pumpkins are grown here at My Garden Path, the color of pumpkins can be seen everywhere.  This beautiful fall weather has brought forth many bright orange blooms. 

The rising sun glows through these Mexican Flame Vine, Senecio confusus, blooms.  Twining around the arbor placed just outside the backporch, this vine draws bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds. 
Blooms have been non-stop since late spring, but the cooler temperatures have ushered in a fresh flush of flowers.

More pumpkin colored blossoms are found on the Tecoma stans 'Orange Jubilee' planted against the back fence.  It's another continually flowering plant that has ramped up its production of blooms with the cooler days.

Trumpet shaped blooms attract the flying, flitting, and buzzing creatures that bring life to a garden.

Parrot Beak, Heliconia psittacorum, love their spot under the drip from the rooftop.  These rhizomes disappear when winter weather arrives, but as soon as spring warms the ground they come back and bloom beginning late summer through fall.

This colony grows larger every year and that is just fine with me.  Standing only two feet high they make a great groundcover for a shady spot in the garden. 

Many other flowers are just beginning to set buds now that it is fall.  There are red, purple and yellow blossoms getting ready to burst forth.  I hope you'll stop back by to see the rest of what fall brings to my garden. 


  1. Beautiful pumpkin colors here. When all of this wedding stuff is behind me, we will chat about what little I know of growing dahlias...

  2. Love the color of pumpkins! You have some lovely oranges in your garden, which make for a fine fall posting. I have been envying your 'Orange Jubilee' for some time, but now I'm drooling over that flame vine. Very nice!

  3. Ooh, those pumpkin color look so pretty! Love those Mexican Flame Vine on the arbor! Your heliconia and 'Orange Jubilee' are really cheerful in the fall garden.

  4. Love your orange flowers, Kay. I'm seeing lots of new buds setting for fall flowering, and what a thrill! They're like well-loved relatives who've been away for months. I miss them!

  5. Darla - I will appreciate any dahlia info you can give - AFTER the big day. Your preparations have been so fun to follow.

    Floridagirl - If you're interested, the Orange Jubilee has a seedpod! Shoot me an e-mail w/ were to send and as soon as it looks ripe I'll send it on to you. Or, if you have a shopping trip this way come by and get some cuttings.

    Ami - Thanks for stopping by to appreciate my orange colors in the garden. Hope you have been getting some cooler weather down your way too.

    Penlyn - Yes, I'm checking on those new buds every morning. Such anticipation in the garden these days. I can't believe my adult children think their lives are more exciting than mine.

  6. Hi Kay...There's that pretty Orange Jubilee (love the name) flower again. Is that a trumpet vine? It's very pretty and very fall-ish looking.

  7. NanaK, I love all these Fall colors flowers and want to know were you got them? The only one I have even heard is Mexican flame plant. Great Fall post. Janis

  8. Kay,
    Your orange blooms absolutely are a reminder of the autumn pumpkin colors. I don't have a single one of these lovely plants. You must tell me more about that Mexican Flame Vine. I'm thinking the only orange blooms I have going right now are the Cuphea (cigar plant)... oh, and the zinnias I can't bring myself to pull out to make more room for veggies.
    Enjoy your fun tomorrow!!!


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