Friday, October 8, 2010

A Cool (Almost) Crisp Fall Day

One recent morning the temperatures were in the mid-sixties with 49% humidity.  While enjoying the view from the back porch I didn't even need to turn on the ceiling fans.  I walked around to the sunny eastside veggie bed to complete my morning watering chores and I didn't break a sweat, not one drop.  What a difference from just last week's humidity. 

In fact, the morning air was so cool that I was inspired to enlarge the westside bamboo bed.  This is a project that became necessary once the bamboo grew large enough to weep over the top of the loropetalum I had planted in front. 

A sleepy bumblebee was just resting amid the bamboo leaves.  How those little wings lift that fat and furry body is amazing to me.  This bee didn't lift off until much later in the morning.  He was a welcome companion while I worked.

The flax lily border was brought out about 3 feet and the loropetalum bushes moved forward.  The Mexican Petunias (the sterile ones from Home Depot) were left in place which made the bumblebee happy.  
 ( To see the beginnings of this bed you can go here.)

Another creature slowed by the coolness in the air was this Sulphur butterfly.  Be sure you notice the huge caterpillar in the left foreground.  These guys have been eating the tips of this cassia bush all summer.  I have it for just that reason, but I do want it to bloom this year.  Last year I remember it being stunning the whole month of November.  This year it is about half the size it was so I'm concerned. 

While in the sunny area of My Garden Path with camera in hand, let me show you Belinda's Dream for the millioneth time. 

She is loving the cooler weather and so am I. 


  1. Yes, I've noticed those crisp, cool mornings. (I needed a sweater yesterday morning.) Thankfully, it doesn't stay that way all day, as I can't bear some frigid air for very long. The afternoon temps have been perfect, I think.

    Your Belinda's Dream is truly a dream...I want that rose badly! Love that shot of the butterfly and its cat. Great pic! I do think you are truly a master gardener, pulling up and rearranging and expanding your borders when plants outgrow their bounds. I'm afraid in my garden, they're pretty much stuck forever, as I can't seem to find the time or gumption to get out and do the dirty work. Your final bed does look so beautiful and well-planned. I think of my loropetalums and their monstrous size, as I've never been disciplined enough to trim them back. Glad you left the ruellia. Have you also noticed all the debate about that plant in Blogworld recently? I often question whether I should pull mine out as well. Laziness always prevails in that debate.

  2. Im with you and Belinda...I'm loving the cooler temps, too. And, not sweating while working in the garden is a BIG part of it. Your garden bed has really filled in. It's amazing what can be accomplished in one Florida summer. Have a great weekend in the garden.

  3. Nana ~ These cooler temps are heavenly! What a difference a lower temp and less humidity makes. It is so 'easy' to get outside and work. It sounds like you've been busy and your bed looks lovely.

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  4. Kay,
    So very nice to see you today. Wow... the bamboo HAS grown amazingly. Does this kind make any of those lovely clattering sounds in the wind? You did do a lot of work with all that moving around. It is very difficult to imagine what starter plants will look like given a Florida summer.

    I'm LOVING this weather, too. Only wish there was a promise it would stay.

  5. Oh, I meant to say... I've noticed more sleeping bees the last week than ever before. Do you know if it has anything to do with the cooler air? There were several of them tucked up in the petals of my zinnias. So cute and cozy.

  6. It is quite an accomplishment to get a Sulphur butterfly to stay still long enough to get it's picture. They are all over my Cassia bush but the ones here are quite camera shy. I am also looking forward to the Cassia bush blooming in November it puts on quite a show for a while.

  7. Floridagirl - I can't wait for my loropetalum to become monsterous like yours. It's hard to believe they will right now, but I have seen huge specimens so I know they will grow. I move a lot of plants around as I'm learning where they should have been put in the first place:) Yes, I've read the debate on the ruellia, but mine don't re-seed and I love them so they are staying.

    Susan - Yay for cooler weather. I'm amazed at the difference in the plants in that bed. I really didn't notice until I looked back at the old picture.

    FlowerLady - Yes, this weather makes it so nice to be outside. Being out always lifts my mood, so this time of year is especially welcomed by me.

    Meems - No, this bamboo doesn't clatter. I think the canes are too thin. It's more grass like. I was very happy to be able to capture the bee. I had chased him (or one like him) before but he moved too much to get a picture.

    sanddune - I know what you mean about the Sulphurs not staying still. I think the coolness of the morning is what enabled me to get that picture. All the insects were not really flying about but were resting.

  8. Oh, please show that belinda dream as much as you want, I love to see it growing! It is amazing to see the bamboo bed fill out so quickly. I am sure now those weeping bamboos are providing the privacy you wanted from the beginning. Always nice to see before and after pictures of a garden design, a job well done!


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