Monday, November 29, 2010

A Monday Morning Meander

After a Thanksgiving holiday weekend full of family and food, this Monday morning brings a feeling of contentment.  A quiet peace flows through the shady gardens in the front yard and a meandering walk through them satisfies the heart.

There are plenty of blooms but they are not the exuberant blossoms of spring and summer with their hot colors.  These flowers are soft pinks and purples giving rest to the eyes.

The hallmark of any shade garden is the variety of textures, shapes and hues of green.  There is no sense of hurry here.

An unknown nidularium bloom reflects the pinky purple of the baby Queen Emma crinum which was recently gifted to this garden by a gardening friend.

In the springtime the light pink blooms of these azaleas will blend perfectly in the new front entry-way bed.  Until then, their green leaves make a perfect backdrop for my favorite cranberry pentas. 

A lazy bumble bee reflects the mood of the morning as he drifts from flower to flower.

The white bench at the top of the driveway provides a perfect spot for enjoying another cup of morning coffee.  It is situated between pots of  rabbit foot fern and  angel wing begonia.  While sitting here and observing the front planting beds it is easy to dream of changes and additions for the future. 

The pathway between mature formosa azaleas could use a focal point to draw the eye to the the base of the oaks at the other end.  Perhaps a colorful bromeliad grouping or a variegated cast-iron plant would be the perfect thing.  No hurry, plenty of time to let this idea develop.

Thanks for meandering with me through My Garden Path this Monday morning. 


  1. Thank you for the pleasure of meandering down your lovely garden path.


  2. Your shady garden does look like a peaceful respite, whether meandering or sittin' on a bench enjoying the views. Love the photos and their vantage points! Great bumblebee/pentas shot!

  3. A lovely meander through your shade garden, NanaK. It is drawing me in as if I was there. I'm taking that dose of peace you offer with your soothing words. One of these days/years I'm going to NOT be in a hurry. :-)


  4. NanaK: I am envying your oak tree and the shade it provides. I don't have much shaded area in my garden, the result is that I have to literally squeeze the shade-loving plants into that space. I recently bought another dragon wing begonia (the one similar to yours, with dots on the leaves), and only find out I don't have a spot for it :(

    Love your plant combination in this area. What are those tall, wide leaved plants under the oak tree, next to your bromeliads in the second picture? Are they Giant Apostle's Iris?

  5. NanaK, I really enjoyed having lunch last week and strolling through your very beautiful garden, it was very peaceful and quiet. Janis

  6. It's beautiful!And so relaxing looking.I love it!

  7. FlowerLady - Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you enjoyed meandering with me.

    Floridagirl - Sometimes it's nice to just sit in the garden, isn't it? I'm seeing lots of these bumblebees this fall for the first time in years.

    Meems - It is nice to stop and just enjoy sometimes. I need a dose of "hurry" most days though as I'm naturally on the lazy side.

    Ami - I do love my oaks. Those begonias are quite addicting. I've added a couple lately. They do like some bright light so maybe a lanai area would work for you? The plants you ask about are walking iris. I have both a yellow version and a blue/white one all growing together. The yellow ones bloom off and on all year, the blue/white usually just spring.

    Janis - It's always great to visit with you and I'm glad you could walk both literally and virtually with me through the garden.

    ChrisC - It is relaxing to be outside and I can use a dose of that as this busy season approaches. I'm loving your Emma pictures!

  8. What an adorable photo in your header...your garden does look quite content. A colorful container would look delish at the base of that tree at the end of your path...a birdhouse or feeder perhaps on the tree for some vertical interest.

  9. Thanks for the peaceful stroll down your garden path. With the upcoming holiday season, you'll (as well as the rest of us) be needing more quiet times in the garden. p.s. I like your Christmas header...quite adorable! :-)


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