Thursday, December 2, 2010

Red & White Delight

The prominent colors around My Garden Path this week have been the reds and whites of winter blooming plants. 

These red and white Christmas cacti bloom reliably every holiday season.  Several years ago they were purchased at my favorite fruit stand as tiny babies.  Planted together they now are intertwined and when they bloom it looks like they are one plant. 

It's difficult to have a favorite between the colors, but the white with that tinge of pinky red always commands my attention.  They grace the back porch table with festive flair most days but whenever holiday guests arrive they can be found prominently displayed indoors. 

It is hoped that the Yuletide camellia will become a reliable bloomer as the seasons pass.  As a new addition just this fall, it's buds are bursting with Christmas cheer along the front entry path.

 Each year at Christmas, poinsettias are purchased to place in the flower bed by the front door.  One of last year's plants was planted out in the back garden.  The first time ever to grow one of these beauties looks to be a success.  Bracts are coloring up and the plant has branched nicely. 

New poinsettias have been placed in the front bed for this year but there are no plans to keep them after Christmas.  They will be put in the compost pile.   In a way they will be a part of  the garden too, just in another form.

It's very interesting to watch the plants bloom and flourish in their season.  Until a few years ago most of the plants here were at their peak in the spring and summer.  Now, there are lovely things growing in the fall and even the winter.  There are not many true winter surviving plants around the Path but there are a few more than last year. 

Red, white and green colors  are heralding the holiday season and helping this gardener to quell her fears of frost and far.


  1. Hi Kay...Your cactus are blooming right on time. Mine are a little behind but will hopefully be in full bloom soon. Love the Yuletide camellia. I'll have to look for one of them. Have a happy holiday!

  2. I have a couple of blooms opened on my pink Christmas cactus. Been trying to get an inspiring photo... Speaking of which, that first photo you show is awesome! I kept thinking it was hanging over water, but now I think maybe it's a glass tabletop. ??? Anyway, the effect is beautiful.

    Now I'm hankering for that pink-tinged white one. Time to go shopping....

  3. I echo what Floridagirl said about the first photo, gorgeous! I have different colors of christmas cactus, and they are also mixed together in the containers. Mine are just developing the buds, hope they can bloom for Christmas. Love your camellia is beautiful too!

  4. Hi Kay,
    Those Christmas cactus must be enjoying our cooler temps and mild humidity. They are looking stunning and I like the effect of the tabletop they rest on. Isn't it nice to pull our favorites indoors when we need to! Good for you with poinsettias. I've grown them in the past but ended up yanking them out. You are going to love them for the Christmas season.
    Blessings, friend.

  5. Your Christmas Cacti will sure brighten up the hollidays. I keep getting more as gifts [not that I am complaining ] and I think I have four now. They are tough plants that require little but put on a spectacular bloom this time of year.

  6. NanaK, Your Christmas cactus make me jealous. I need to get out and add some to my Christmas garden. Merry Christmas Kay.

  7. Susan - I love the Yuletide too. I seem to be drawn to simple blooms. Single roses, single camellias are my favorites. Those huge yellow stamens are pretty captivating as well.

    Floridagirl - I was pretty happy with the tabletop picture. Didn't see it's effect until afterward of course. I need to develop an eye for such things but I'll take luck.

    Ami - You will be covered with blooms from those cacti soon. I just love how they color up what can be an otherwise drab time in the garden.

    Meems - I'm not sure how long the poinsettias will remain, but they have sure been fun to have right now and I do like their leaves.

    sanddune - The Christmas cacti are not much to look at the rest of the year but at this time they really earn their keep.

    Janis - The cacti are very rewarding to have this time of the year. If you can wait 'til January I'll have some cuttings.....

  8. Beautiful photos here. Have some buds on my one lone Camellia Bush...Christmas Cacti I have not mastered as of yet.....they are so pretty. Poinsettias grow well in my gardens until the hard freezes come.


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