Friday, January 28, 2011

Belated Happy Blog-A-Versary To My Garden Path

The very first post on this blog was January 14, 2010.  I'm a little late commemorating my entry into the blogworld because....well.... I forgot.  I thought it was January 28th.  But, now I have remembered. 

Starting a blog was easy.  I happened upon a post on Central Florida Gardener that explained how to set-up a blog and two days later I was blogging!  Soon, I came to realize there are a lot of other garden bloggers all over the world.  Reading about other gardeners' triumphs and disappointments and sharing my own has been a real pleasure.  I've gained so much knowledge about gardening and have been encouraged to try new plants and planting techniques.  All of this through a world-wide virtual community.  Thank you to all who have dropped by to read my ramblings, view my photos and especially to those who have left comments.  I love comments. 

That first post was entitled Total Devastation.   This post won't be going there.  I thought I would show some of the more successful ventures here along the path.

February 2010
 Bamboo planted along the chainlink fence has filled in nicely and I only expect greater privacy to be achieved this coming year.  Throughout the winter this bamboo has remained green as has the pineapple guava and flax lily.  The loropetalum bushes are green too, but not happy.  I moved them when I enlarged this bed in October and I must not have done it properly.  If spring doesn't restore them I definitely will buy replacements.   I miss their pink blossoms.

September 2010
A small bottle brush planted in the corner with some blue-eyed grass and red pentas has almost reached the top of the six-feet tall fence.

April 2010
There was only one bloom flush from the bottle brush tree in 2010.  Hopefully, it will offer more blooms in 2011.  I think it was just growing so much it didn't have the energy to bloom. 

September 2010
 The cannas in this picture from September are now dormant and the red pentas are brown crispiness, but the bottle brush tree and the blue-eyed grass are still holding the corner with green. 

April 2010
 I ventured into roses this year with the purchase of Belinda's Dream.  She was just a tiny little thing barely tall enough to be seen behind the zinnias in April.

September 2010
By September, she was about three feet tall and she bloomed continuously all year.  Even in December she was putting out buds and blooms. 

November 2010
Now, she is about 4-1/2 feet tall.  I am going to prune her in late February.  Yes, I'm scared.

May 2010
The big project for the year was the entry-way garden.  This had lots of color all summer from the caladiums and impatiens.   The poor little gardenia tree was felled by mealybugs. 

July 2010
Even after the caldiums went to sleep in the fall, the pentas and impatiens, and mona lavender kept the color going. 

November 2010
 Now that the impatiens and pentas have been layed waste by the cold, the liriope, African iris, bromeliads and a new Yuletide camellia have kept this area full of green color with splashes of red. 

I have appreciated your company on this little tour of reminicence. When I started this blog I didn't realize that I would be entering a large community of gardeners.  This past year has been very rewarding having so many other helpful gardeners to come along beside me while I shared my gardening joys and pains.  Thank you for visiting My Garden Path.  I hope you'll return often. 


  1. This was a great little tour of your garden. I like what you have done, and can only say that this year everything will fill in nicely and be even better than last year. It takes time for gardens to take root and become established.

    I enjoy visiting you here and thank you for visiting my blog as well.

    Happy Blogiversary and Happy Gardening


  2. Happy Belated!! I love this tour through the year. Oh what surprises 2011 will have for us. Blogging has so enriched my gardening experience too.

  3. Happy Birthday, MGP! The year has just flown by, hasn't it? I've enjoyed watching your blog and your garden grow. I think our climates just might be identical, but you always have plants I can't seem to find in my neck of the woods. I think we will all be happy when the cannas and caladiums and pentas come back. I've noticed new green shoots on the cannas and pentas this past week. : ) I so hope winter is over.

  4. Happy Blogiversary. I can honestly say that I'm glad you decided to start a blog. It has been a pleasure reading it, and an even better pleasure meeting you in person. Your landscape projects have grown to look fabulous. I can't wait to see what you do this year.

  5. Kay,
    It just couldn't have been a year already! Wow. What fun having the overview of your progress. I forget how fun it is to get a summary and before/after photos. Your bamboo looks great and your bottle brush really has taken off. Belinda's Dream really is dreamy ~~ causing me to think PINK and wondering about adding one to the front garden.

    I'm so happy you started blogging. Happier that we are friends because of it.

  6. NanaK: January 14th made us real twins! lol

    I have been enjoying reading all your posts since beginning. Watching your garden growing, and your exotic plants have been such a fun. Oh, your berind's dream has become my dream too. I still have not acquired one! Your bamboos are really growing so fast, and it not only provides the privacy, it is also so beautiful and elegant, not to mention evergreen.

    We will have more fun into this second year of the blogging, won't we?

  7. Happy Anniversary! Your garden has grown by leaps and bounds!I like the Belinda's Dream.I'm thinking of adding one to my entryway to the backyard.
    Looking forward to another year of posts from you.

  8. Happy blog-aversary! You have done much to your garden in the past year to make it[ more better]. Thanks for all the encouragement along the way.

  9. Congrats! What a lovely garden you have and your passion shows through!

  10. What thoroughly enjoyable before-and-afters, Kay. You remind us how important it is to take those before pix, if only so we can appreciate our own hard work.
    Congratulations on a year of blogging. I enjoy treading your garden path, and you sure have gotten handy with the camera!

  11. FlowerLady - Thank you; I appreciate your reminder that it will fill-in with time. Patience is something my garden is teaching me.

    Darla - I love the outlook you have regarding surprises in our 2011 gardens. A lot of my gardening is based on surprise:)

    Floridagirl - Yes, I love all my warmer weather tropicals and will be much happpier as I see them returning. This winter I have been able to accept the season a bit better than last. I sure hope I keep learning.

    Susan - Thank you for your kind words and thank you for the post that started me down the blogging trail! Meeting you "in person" was a real treat. (Especially that meet-up in Feb. when you loaded me down with some great cold-hardy plants)

    Meems - Yes, getting to know you after "stalking" your blog for over a year has been one of the benefits of my entering blogworld. I appreciate all the great ideas and info I get from your beautiful blog. You have introduced me to some great local garden centers as well! We must do another plant shopping tour again.

    Ami - I can't believe I didn't pick up on the 1/14 date when I read your blog anniversary post. I can be so forgetful:) But, being garden blog twins with you has been one of the many great things I've enjoyed in this year of blogging. It's been fun growing our gardens together.

    ChrisC - On yes! You NEED a Belinda's Dream by the backyard entryway. She has a wonderful scent in addition to those gorgeous pink flowers.

    sanddune - "More better" is what I'm aiming for. I love the encouragement to be more eco-friendly I receive from your blog.

    Daisy - Thank you. I'm so glad you joined me in my little retrospective tour.

    Penlyn - I love "before and after" pictures. I just need to remember to take more of them. Of course, my pictures are really "before and during" right now. I think spring may be here real soon. I am losing the resolve to not trim and plant with this glorious weather. I'm planning to start some cuttings in the next week or so to share at GreenFest. Wish me well with that project.

  12. Oh yeah, I wish you well with the cuttings! I have gorgeous pink salvia from your cuttings, among other great plants. (And I now have cuttings rooted from your salvia!) I think my curry leaf tree may have bit the dust in the freeze (jury's still out). That was another great NanaKay swap booty bounty. Seriously hoping to swap with you again at the 'Fest


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