Monday, February 28, 2011

Azaleas Say "Springtime "

Nothing says "Spring" like azaleas in bloom.

Bumble bees and butterflies find the blossoms irresistible.

These shrubs are ablaze with color.

Normally a backdrop to the other plantings in the garden, this is the azaleas' season to shine.

As I pull into the driveway, this view makes me smile every time. 


  1. Good morning Nana ~ Love your azaleas. I have George Tabor. I need to make some cuttings of GT and hopefully they will root so that I can spread his beauty around other parts of the property. Your other two are really pretty.

    Happy Gardening in our early spring.


  2. Hi Kay...You've got some beautiful and large azaleas in your garden. Azalea time is one of my favorites. It's so pretty to see a yard full of them. Love your new header pic.

  3. Yes, azalea season is glorious! You have some wonderful, mature plantings. Mine are still such babies in comparison. Your driveway view is exactly what a Central Florida shade garden should be. Azaleas and bromeliads under an old oak tree. Wonderful!

  4. Kay, your azaleas are beautiful! I love the different colors. I'm able to plant my first one since my new property offers plenty of dappled sun. Finally...I can join the club! :D

  5. Such a pretty sight, Kay. Love the view under the big oaks. Mine are popping out everywhere,too. I always know its the end of February when they light up the garden.
    It's kind of like redemption from the winter damage.

  6. NanaK: I would smile too if I see that pretty sight everyday! Love the last picture, and I envy all the azaleas pictures shown across the florida garders' blogs recently. Now I wonder why I even don't have single one in my garden? Happy Spring!

  7. Now those are some fantastic photos for this time of year up here in NJ. The azalea blooms are beautiful!

  8. FlowerLady - You have given me an idea to try rooting some of mine. I've been resisting putting any in the back garden because I have so many in front, but they sure would make a nice backdrop back there and it would be FREE.

    Susan - I'm loving my azaleas more each passing year. I think because they only bloom once a year it makes them more special.

    Floridagirl - I'm finally appreciating the 'old Florida' look. I don't know why but I've spent far too long trying for what isn't natural here.

    Kimberly - Your new property sounds wonderful. I have serious envy for your pond:) I'll be looking for you to mention what type of azalea you plant. There are so many now that bloom more than once a year, some that take more sun, so many options.

    Meems - Redemption indeed! Last year I really, really appreciated the azaleas. I think that gave me a new found love for them.

    Ami - I think you are finding out, like me, that we can't have EVERY plant we see:) You have many beautiful bloomers that are quickly filling up your space with beauty.

    ONG - This is definitely the time of year to live and garden in Florida. Keep warm, spring is coming your way soon!

  9. Ours are just now budding good...the miniature ones are trying to open. That is a beautiful scene under and around the Oak.


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