Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Rosy View

The roses are filling out with leaves and even blooms.  I timidly trimmed Belinda's Dream, cutting her back by a third and pulling off most of her leaves.  It was very nearly the scariest thing I've ever done. 

New growth has been mostly at the top with some hints of leaves coming back on those bare canes further down the bush.  I stripped the leaves because of some blackspot she developed in November on some leaves that were up against the house. 

Some new companion plants have been added to the rose area, Stokes Aster, Stokesia laevis, is a native perennial that I'm hoping will love it's new spot. 

The rose, White Out, is in the background against the white wall of the back porch. White on white doesn't do it justice. Soon though, this bush will be covered with white blooms that show well against those dark green leaves.

See what I mean in this close-up view?  I love this rose. 

No trimming was done to my baby Louis Philippe who bloomed even during the freezing temperatures we experienced this winter.  The red and pink Salvia coccineas have come to life just in the last few weeks.

Two of these petunias were gifted to me by Pumpkin from Graceful Cottage Gardening back in November.  They both made it through the cold wonderfully well and have been continually blooming ever since being planted.  They make great companion plants for the roses.

Louis P. opened fully just in time for this post.  He has a wonderful fragrance.  See the ferny foliage in the background?  Thanks Meems from Hoe and Shovel for these starts of yarrow, Achillea millefolium.  I can't wait to see some blooms!

The roses are in a small area on the east side of the backporch in a corner formed by the porch and the back wall of the house.  Eastern sun shines on the plants there for about 8 hours in the spring and summer, less time in the winter.  In the summer, zinnia, Mexican flame vine, Mexican sunflowers and other butterfly and hummingbird attractors are grown here as well.  There aren't many sunny patches around My Garden Path so I try to make the most of this one.


  1. Ah, Kay, making the most of those sunny patches... a constant endeavor. Then with the way sunshine shifts around from season to season... a true art when accomplished. You must be loving the view from your back porch as you establish these bloomers close by. Your rosy view is getting more exciting all the time with all your hard work.

    Thanks for the mention, too. I hope my yarrow blooms this year as well... can't wait to see if yours do. If they never do I still adore the airy foliage.

  2. Everything looks beautiful and just itchin' to get growing good...I have the yellow petunia for the first time this year, just love it. Meems is a doll, isn't she?

  3. I only wish I had to search for sunny patches. It's quite the opposite here, where I'm always searching for shady spots. Louis Philippe is the bomb! In a couple of years, you'll be hacking away at him with no mercy, as you can be sure he will go nuts. Yes, that scent is divine.

  4. Oh, I love that Stokes Aster! Very pretty color! Your rosy view is very beautiful. Glad to know that you found the roses working for you. I still have long way to go in terms of finding those roses.

    That yellow petunias looks lovely. Hope it will do well when heat hits florida.

  5. Your garden is so beautiful, and you are so lucky to have roses blooming already! I am about a month away from that.... You grow some lovely roses.

  6. The Stokes aster is a lovely companion plant for the roses, Kay. Beautiful! Thanks for the good idea! I've been trying for days to come up with some low-growing plants that will be perfect companions for Belinda's Dream and Souvenir.
    By the way, just clipped my first deadhead from Belinda's Dream. That had to be the fattest rose bloom I've ever seen! I had no idea they get so big!
    Your garden looks wonderful. It's so much fun watching gardens expand.

  7. Oh, I meant to add, the pink and red salvia coccineas I got from you a year ago are well on their way to again becoming big, beautiful bushes. I took cuttings from them last fall, so now I can spread them around some more.

  8. Kay, your sunny garden is looking good! I agree with you about the fear factor of pruning, but I found the more I had to do the easier and less scary it got. Clipping off the leaves of roses at pruning time is good for the reason you mention and also for another. The rose does not distinguish between cane and leaf. Cutting one is the same as cutting the other and signals the plant to "save itself" and grow! Where there is a leaf there is a leafbud in the crotch. Remove the old leaf and you leave more energy for the new growth.

    I hope your Yarrow does well for you.

  9. Hi Kay...Your rose area is filled with some very pretty blooming plants. Is the Whiteout rose part of the Knock-out family? It is really very pretty...and, the white is nice and white. Enjoy your time in the garden these days.

  10. Meems - You are so right about the sun shifting with the seasons. I have finally figured this out;) Love the foliage on the yarrow and I'm so glad to see that it has put out new little plants from underground. Blooms will be a bonus.

    Darla - I saw that yellow petunia on your blog. I am enjoying watching the garden come to life with seeds sprouting and transplants growing and blooming. It is a great time to be in the garden.

    Floridagirl - I used to think my shade meant I couldn't grow much, now I love my shady garden. But, those full sun plants just seem to bring in the bees, butterflies and hummers like no others. I can't wait for my LP to grow up to look like yours!

    Ami - I think you need to find some old garden roses. They seem to do well in Florida. I have high hopes for the new aster.

    Masha - It's always interesting to see what's growing in your garden that I could never grow here in Florida humidity. It's also interesting to see what we can both grow in spite of zone differences. Since this is my first full year of rose growing I am sure hoping my roses do well this year.

    Penlyn - So glad the salvias have done well for you. You are gonna love BD! I like growing the sweet alyssum around the roses. The scent is wonderful and mine held on through the summer somewhat. Maybe this new variety from Riverview Flower Farm will be even better.

    sherryocala - Thanks for explaining the "why" behind stripping the leaves. That will make it a little easier for me to do. I should be braver next year.

    Susan - Thanks. Yes, White Out is from the Knock Out family. I haven't seen it anywhere since my daughter got it last Mother's Day. I'm surprised it isn't more popular because it is so healthy in my garden. (Without extra care from me.)

  11. Kay, I have to catch up with everyone been too busy getting my garden ready to put down mulch. But your garden really looks great. Those Astor's are my favorite new plant, during the freeze they never stopped blooming. Have a great weekend Kay. Janis

  12. We're still suffering through some pretty cold winter weather up here in Vancouver, BC Canada. Your garden is looking pretty FAB to me!


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