Monday, March 7, 2011

Costly Shopping at Costco

If I could just get by without having to purchase food when I make a trip to Costco I wouldn't spend so much money there.

It's funny, I never realized I needed a beautiful pink flowering cymbidium orchid.

When I saw this soft pink flower, all thoughts of bread, milk, cereal and coffee went right out of my mind. 

Instantly, I knew just where I was going to put my last minute addition to the shopping list. 

It's good to save money by shopping at a discount warehouse.  That way there's money left over to pay for the impulse buy. 


  1. Ooh, I almost did the same thing when I shopped at Costco this past weekend. Those flowers are stunning. I love your choice! The only thing I am not sure is if cymbidium orchid will do well in my climate, and if they can rebloom for me next year. With so many plants shopping, I need to make sure they rebloom if the plants are costly :)

  2. btw, did you stake your cymbidioums orchid? I saw those in the store are so tall, and I think they will fall without staking. Yours look not so tall, and standing quite nicely.

  3. Too bad we have to eat from time to time, lol. Your impulse purchase is just a lovely thing. And my how she dresses up that corner!

  4. Oooh, I feel in love with cymbidiums this weekend when I saw them at Bok. Can't blame you for that impulse buy. It's just stunning! I was hoping you would tell us how much??? I almost bought one at a festival this weekend, but it was $45. Wish we had a Costco nearby....

  5. Thankfully, Kay, I don't have an orchid addiction, so you can't tempt me with this one no matter how beautiful or economical it is. Try again.

  6. That is exactly why I dread going to BJ's,Costco,or Sam's.I have no self-control,whatsoever.
    I love that orchid!

  7. Hi Kay...Good luck with your new cymbidium. My husband brough home 2 over 12 years ago, and neither have ever rebloomed...despite my repeated attempts to force it. My neighbor told me that the smaller flowered cymbidiums grown in Florida are the best...hope yours is that. One thing I can say is that I have left them outside the past two winters...even with temps below 32 with no negative impact. They sail right through and the plants look super healthy. I'm going to plant mine in the ground. I don't mean to put a damper on your purchase because they are beautiful and I have been tempted many times to buy another. Hopefully you'll have better luck than me. Enjoy the beautiful blooms!

  8. Ami - Yeah, I did my research AFTER purchase. I think even the heat and humidity in my central FL location may keep them from re-blooming. Boo hoo. Maybe I'll get lucky. At least I can enjoy it for a while now. Mine are not staked and seem to be fine.

    Darla - Really, I could do with missing a few meals :) I'm thinking this orchid may enjoy your climate better than mine but... we'll see.

    Floridagirl - $20. Yeah, can't buy a bouquet of cut flowers for that. If Bok has them, then maybe there's hope for mine to re-bloom.

    sherryocala - You're so good to be focused on one obsession at a time ;)

    ChrisC - I love going to those places - it's my husband who dreads it when I go. He's the financial planner of our operation :)

    Susan - If you haven't had re-bloom I don't feel very hopeful. dog's groomer has many cymbidiums that re-bloom for her and of course, she says she just leaves them under the oak tree and waters them once in a while. I did check out the tag (AFTER I bought) and these orchids are grown in California. Not a good sign.

  9. Hey Kay...Find out more from your dog's groomer. Do they produce smaller flowers? Where did she buy them? I just saw a dendrobium growing on the side of a leaning palm tree (which means it stayed outdoors all winter) full(and I mean FULL) of gorgeous blooms. It was amazing!


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