Thursday, March 10, 2011

Waking Up In The Garden

It's a great time to be in the garden.  Signs of awakening  life are everywhere.  Fern fronds are unfurling, even some of the gingers are pushing shoots up through the earth. 

Holly Fern
While most of the ferns around My Garden Path have proven to be cold-hardy,  they do go into a sleepy, semi-dormant state.  Growth is minimal until warmer temperatures arrive.

Bird's nest fern w/ ladybug on top frond
As they awaken they stretch their new fronds upward. 

The shady tropical corner is being filled with new growth.

Raja Puri Banana
Even the tropical bananas are waking up and throwing new leaves out into the spring sunshine.
Taking a stroll through the garden as it is beginning to stir with life again brings great joy.

(...and this morning we are receiving a wonderful ground penetrating rain.  Perfect.)


  1. Great joy, Kay! Every day there is something to notice. Amazing rate of growth right now with the sun warming the soil. Love your ferns. They are looking so good in your tropical garden. I sat down on the bench in my tropical area yesterday to ponder where I might add another birds nest fern. They are becoming a fast favorite. And to think I hesitated to plant one for the longest time thinking they were so 'common'. Sometimes I need a swift kick.
    Happy gardening in your awakening garden ... and yay! happy RAIN today.

  2. I thought by the title of your post that perhaps YOU woke in the garden this morning...the weather has been glorious. Your garden looks so pretty bathed in the sunlight...we to received two inches of rain in the over night..the garden is thankful and so is the gardener.

  3. The weather has been gorgeous that's for sure. It makes you feel great to be alive. I love your birdsnest fern.

    We are expecting thunderstorms and then cold weather tonight. I'll be thankful for the rain.
    And some chilly weather will be nice again before the real heat and humidity of summer get here.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  4. This sure is an exciting time of the year for our gardeners! Love your tropical area. That birds' nest fern looks gorgeous with sunshine lit through the fronds. I also have one in the container. The fronds are getting bigger and bigger, wish I can find a shady spot to put it in the ground. Envy you have enough space to let it standing out!

    It is raining outside right now. Hooray!

  5. I love to see pics of those ferns uncurling. Nature is really cool. Another beautiful aspect of your garden.

  6. To heck with the plants, I LOVE that birdbath!! Where did you find it??
    The rain yesterday brought all kinds of seeds to life -- both volunteers from last fall and ones I planted a week ago. With all the bad news all over the world, it really does give one peace to walk through a spring garden after a rain.
    (Lovely pix, by the way!)

  7. Wasn't that rain fabulous? The plants and the grass are definitely VERY happy. It's so wonderful to go outside and see so many new buds or shoots coming out. Have a great weekend!

  8. Meems - I wonder that you can find space for any more plants in your lovely beds. (I am still frustrated by all the bareness in mine.) Of course, you can always remove more grass and put that bird's nest fern in a NEW bed:)

    Darla - Actually, I do kinda' wake-up in the garden each morning as I walk through with my coffee. The rain was much appreciated and so nice that most of the state got some.

    FlowerLady - I think we have at least a few more weeks of perfect gardening weather before the heat settles in here. I hope you get time to enjoy it while it lasts.

    Ami - So nice that you got rain too. I think the bird's nest fern looks great in a container. You just might have to re-pot it often as it seems to really grow!

    sherryocala - Thanks. I love seeing those fronds and have taken so many pictures of them.

    PenLyn - The birdbath was an Old Time Pottery find. I painted it white. Glad to hear your seedlings are happy. I have a few zinnia seeds sprouting but I haven't had much luck with other seeds. I don't know what I'm doing differently but something's different. This year seeds and I aren't working together.

    Susan - Great rain all right. I wish I could say my grass was happy, but my grass is pretty much non-existent. We really need to re-sod but the budget isn't allowing right now. I do like having a little bit of grass.

  9. Hey, Nana. Do your birds nest ferns attract snails? I worry about planting mine in the yard. (They're in pots on the screened patio.)

    And thank heavens for that rain, which we got a few hours after you. It's staving off the official drought pronouncement for a while. I would rather have a longer, steady rain than the dramatic short-lived downpour we had, but I'll take what I can get!

    -- Penny

  10. Terra Mirabilis - Penny, no snails so far. That's one pest I haven't battled in my garden. I do have slugs during the rainy season (when we have such a season) but they haven't bothered the bird's nest. I try to do slug patrol in the mornings with my jar of soapy water and garden gloves.


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