Friday, April 29, 2011

After April Showers

Looking across the new oak circle bed toward the sunny back fence bed
We had a nice rain the other afternoon.  The rain gauge only registered .2 of an inch, but it was enough to make the garden quite happy.

Looking down the hill from the rose garden toward the shady tropical corner
All the leaves and flowers looked so vibrant after the rain cleared.  The sunlight was still diffused by cloud cover and for a short time the shadows were minimal.

Front view of the oak circle bed
The newly sprouted caladiums seemed to unfurl their leaves while I was watching.  It was a wonderful sight.   These bulbs were newly planted in February and were the last to show themselves above ground. 

Looking across the back of the oak circle toward the shady tropical corner
The gingers are an important component to the shade garden and are much appreciated when they return after their winter nap underground.  Not just the ginger leaves, but all the leaves look plumper after the rain.

Front of the camellia bed under my bedroom window
It is so amazing to see how much growth has occurred just this last month.  The rain was a welcome but rare event for the typically dry month of April.  Even such a small amount of rain is greatly appreciated by both the garden and the gardener.


  1. Hi Kay...It is amazing what a difference a bit of rain can make. You are lucky you received some of the rain...we didn't get a drop here and the grass is drying up in certain areas. Your flowerbeds are shaping up nicely.

  2. We also finally got a good shower this afternoon, hooray for my garden! Your garden looks so beautiful after the rain, lush and fresh. All your flower beds are looking beautiful and filled in nicely. What is the plant that has white-dotted leaves in the first picture? Calla lily?

  3. Hi Kay,
    We actually got a good shower on Easter evening. I was grateful, too. It has been a good rain month since April is usually VERY dry. Your garden is looking like it appreciated the heavenly moisture. It is really looking colorful and full of textures! So good to see the gingers back.

  4. Your garden looks lovely and happy with the rain, Kay. I am interested in your ornamental peanut. How long did it take, and with how many plants, to fill in this spot. It looks wonderful. Is it an all day sunny spot or entertain a little shade?

  5. Susan - I am so grateful for the rain we received. However, I sure do want to get some more!

    Ami - The plant with the dotted leaves is a type of castiron plant. It doesn't bloom but loves shade and I love the leaves.

    Meems - Your love of caladiums has rubbed off on me. I am so happy that I planted lots of them last year. I was worried they wouldn't return, but they did! I added more to the new oak circle and they were actually the last to pop up, causing me to stare repeatedly at that area:)
    They add so much color.

    Susan - I love my ornamental peanut! It does go brown for 2-3 months in the winter, but I forget all about that the other 9-10 months of the year. 18 plants from Colorfield Farms filled in a 10X10 area the first year. After that I took sprigs from the edgings I had to do by the fence and the path and filled in the rest of the side yard. It does very well in part shade. In fact, I sprigged some last year in a very shady spot and it is filling in well too. I'm using it on both side yards.


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