Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not Bogged Down in the Bog

The last time the area designated "the bog garden" was actually boggy was last March.  Since then there has not been one instance of standing water.  A few times the ground remained a bit soggy but not at all boggy.

Lemon Grass (Cymbopogon citratusz), Simpson's Stopper (Myrcianthes fragrans)
Fortunately, the plantings in the bog are also adapted to periods of dry weather.  I do hope for enough rain this summer to create some consistent sogginess for these water loving plants. 

Needle Palm (Rhapidophyllum hystrix), Cyperus (Cyperus involucratus)
The plants that hold up best to the combination of flood and drought conditions are the Florida natives.  These plants take it all in stride and still push out new leaves even when rain is but a distant memory.

Florida native Canna (Canna flaccida)
The one native Florida canna that had been planted in this spot last year returned this year but did not multiply.  I was really hoping for many more of these so I purchased two more last week.  I see these graceful cannas blooming bright yellow in the local ponds.  Perhaps once the summer rains begin my cannas will bloom. 

Soft Rush (Juncus effusus), Swamp Lily (Crinum americanum)
Conveniently, this area is downhill from one of the rain barrels.  I can attach a hose and let the collected rainwater trickle into the ground.  I feel a little silly watering "the bog garden" but until the summer rains arrive, that's what you'll find me doing. 


  1. Hi Kay...I'm hoping it won't be long before your bog is soggy. I've got an area like yours...mine is clay...is yours clay,too? These plants really have to be tough because when it's dry in my boggy area it's really dry, but we do have some great plants to choose from. I'm surprised your canna didn't multiply...I'll bet you see some little new ones later this summer. Anyway...your bog area is looking great.

  2. Hi Kay,
    It sounds like you've got that area figured out. Using the plants you've chosen it works out until the rains start. But I did chuckle when you mentioned having to 'water' the 'bog' garden. Hey! We do what we have to do. I don't have an area that holds water. But sometimes I wish I did so I could have some of those cool plants that like those conditions.

  3. I think it won't be too long that you have to water the bog garden. Love your choices of plants in that area. Lemon grass and Cyperus look so beautiful and elegant in that area. That curved step stone path made me wanted to walk on that and take a peek of your garden :)

    Oh, I love your new ID picture. You and your grandkids all look so lovely in the picture!

  4. Hi, Kay! You've obviously made great choices to fit your space...the plants in the bog garden are definitely still thriving without the rain. Great placement of your rain barrels too. Don't feel silly watering your bog...I've been mowing my pond! The water level is so low and the weeds/grass are growing high along the previously water covered banks.
    BTW - I love your new profile picture with your grandchildren. You look so happy and they are so precious!


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